Glastonbury secret act 2022

My first Glasto this year. A pal at work said the first act on the Friday is always a secret act. Is this true first of all?

Also, does anyone know of any rumours? I’ve read the Libertines a couple places but I’ve not heard anything solid.

They tend to have an unannounced person open The Other Stage but I’m not sure how big the people usually are. first time I went it was The Charlatans

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Charlatans would be alright. Not a massive fan or anything l…but some nice banging singles to get the day going :slightly_smiling_face:

it was The Vaccines in 2019 as well, just checked

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It isn’t me


Alright Shaggy


Probably War On Drugs



James McCartney


In 2013 loads of the people I was with convinced themselves it was going to be Daft Punk, and excitedly headed to the Pyramid while I was still easing myself into the day.

They came back about 45 minutes later looking a bit dejected, as it wasn’t Daft Punk after all.

It was Beady Eye.


Mick Philpott


Joking aside, it is actually going to be the famous Glastonbury Spirit

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Marcus Mumford is playing the ice cream van between Other Stage and Silver Hayes at 6am on the Monday. Pace yourself.

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LCD Soundsystem probably given the dates they’re around.

Daft punk were everywhere that year. Remember another supposed secret set at Arcadia that turned out to be Chase & Status.

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Is there no gaps on the park stage lineup. I’ve seen loads of secret stuff there

Think they’ve toned it down a bit after overcrowding the stage a few times, but definitely worth checking stage times when they’re out for any slots.

The Smile


That would make anyone dejected :joy:

Tbf, I convinced myself maybe times around that period that daft punk would show up places.

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Nightmare fuel