Anyone watched it at all? Started watching it last night, really like it, the artistic direction is awesome. Really love watching good TV that isn’t from the UK / US. Genuinely had more than enough of that perspective for a lifetime.

It’s basically a drama set in Portugal during the cold war, with a lot of that espionage, double crossing, double agent shit that is pure French Kiss.

Also, my sister-in-law-to-be’s friend has a tiny part here he says “doutor” in the second episode, so after that we spent the rest of the evening copying the scene periodically. The guy isn’t even an actor, was assistant director, and one of the actors couldn’t get there in time for that scene so suddenly he’s an actor.


The weird thing where Netflix links get shown in Russian feels very appropriate this time.

I’ll try this, ta for the shout. Love a bit of good non-English drama. Is it actually Portuguese then and the Russian link is a red (no pun intended) herring? Or is it a Russian drama set in Portugal?

It’s actually Portuguese, and how the cold war affected a particular part of Portugal (called Glória, funnily enough).

First thing I said when an American actor appeared in it speaking English was “Not as good as the Americans in Squid Game though, ay?” which went down well.

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and by that of course, I mean the acting is fantastic in this, I just still can’t get over how bad those Americans were in Squid Game.

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Oooh this looks right up my street.

I really should do some basic reading about Portugal’s recent history first though.

It’s Ukrainian

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So was Crimea.



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Sounds good. Might stick it on and then look at my phone for the duration.

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Yeah watched about half of this so far, it’s really good. Tense, well-shot, some nice old tape machines in there too. Probably worth spending 10 mins or so reading about 20th century Portuguese history on wiki as well

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Just watched the last episode and oh my god wtf, Mia is alive!? Seriously that is such a bad ending. I mean, all of the motivation of Romiro, Sofia… None of it makes sense anymore. I know they hinted this was a possibility, but to just leave the thing on a cliffhanger like that is so dissatisfying. I demand another episode right now, damnit.

Absolutely loved the artistic direction and acting though. James is such a loveable idiot. I have been informed by my partner that the actor who played Henrique was awful though, very wooden, and the scenes where he spoke English suggested the same. Also surprised he was so sympathetic to his son with the option of going to Brazil, and without any context either. Just a dysfunctional relationship I guess, but seems sloppy under the circumstances and the fact that he blew up RARET straight afterwards.

Enjoyed it a lot, really hope they get a second season!