GLOW (Netflix series)


Anyone seen this yet? I’ve seen a lot of praise for it. Plus it has Alison Brie.


NO (My answer)


I’m watching it - I like it.


Finished it last week. Good. Not quite what I was expecting but good nonetheless. Enjoyment levels jump up around ep 5 or 6


big fan of sheila the she-wolf


Just watched Episode 6 and I’m enjoying it very much.


I like it. Big fan of the :robot:


I’ve watched it all, I loved it!!! basically had this stuck in my head ever since -


Yeah. It’s fun.


The glow documentary on Netflix is worth a watch when you finish it too


finished it the other week. It’s a bit slow at first, but gets good around episodes 5 and 6 like others have said.

I’m not entirely keen on it when the show moves onto other characters that are not Alison Brie though. Might be something better balanced in season 2, but I got a “no Betty Gilpin’s character is actually the main character” vibe by the end.


Up to Episode nine and I really want to like it more than I actually do. Like everyone’s said it’s rather fun but the stakes feel weirdly low considering what they’re aiming to put together and as great as Brie / Maron have been; it would have nice if some of the other characters from the ensemble were fleshed out a bit further. Kate Nash has had some good moments (that Marmite shout out as part of her crack breakfast :grin: and Rich Sommer really knows how to play a detestable arsehole. But for me, we definitely needed more Candy, Carmen and Arthie screentime!

Would probably tune in for a second series though


agree, but it’s nice for a netflix show to leave you wanting more for a change


True and there’s stuff they can build on - presumably everything doesn’t wrap up neatly in the finale then? :grin:


It’s at a point where they could leave it, but there’s very definitely obvious places to go for season 2.


Easy to watch, fun, quirky but not in a way that grates.

I like it. It’s an homage to the 80s in a way that doesn’t punch you in the face and that’s hard to do well. Though I do feel the supporting cast is under utilized outside of the 4 or 5 main characters.


It’s really good.

Weird that Kate Nash is in it though, haven’t thought about Kate Nash since 2007.


re: underused tertiary characters: I wonder if this show started out as a movie? The way it progresses with Debbie becoming a co-lead while the other characters’ sideplots could be trimmed without losing much of the main plot gives me that impression.

I assume a second season would probably flesh out this area a bit more naturally.


Yeah I can see this! Some of the sideplots were absolutely wafer thin; definitely feeling a bit tacked on for running time…


Really enjoyed this, great ensemble cast, Marc Maron was hilarious. Plus, Ellen Wong from Scott Pilgrim vs the World! Hope they do another season.