Golden Globes 'reform' and the HFPA

I managed to miss all this. I guess maybe we covered some of it in film threads? Dunno.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association seems to be massively corrupt from all the reports (allegedly? lol) and I’m getting most of my detail from this article:

Seems this is what they’ve said they’re doing

In a 70-3 vote on Thursday, the HFPA members approved a plan put forth by its board to radically overhaul the non-profit. The plan includes measures to increase the number of people of color in its ranks. The plan also includes new restrictions on gifts that the members could receive and payments for work on their committees.

Immediate plans include finding a vendor to set up a complaint line, hiring a search firm to compile a list of candidates to fill newly formed staff positions, identifying new members to increase membership by 50% in the next 18 months, creating a list of DEI consultants and retaining Ropes & Gray to facilitate the reforms.

Not gone down at all well. One key paragraph of the Time’s Up statement

“The HFPA’s list of recommendations largely contains no specifics, no commitments to real accountability or change, and no real timeline to implement these changes. The HFPA’s proposed September 1 deadline for some — but not all — reforms come well after the next award cycle will have started. And even its proposal to increase membership by 50% comes with no commitments that the decisions to admit new members will be made in an equitable and inclusive manner with full transparency and oversight.

Mark Ruffalo has said this

I mean I don’t think anyone’s shocked by a bunch of white elitists finally getting called out for racial disparities within the industry. Hope they do better obviously, doubt they will. i.e. Oscars.

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Ruffalo seems like a really GBOL.

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Well BAFTA’s making attempts to correct this so maybe?

Mark Kermode reckoned the Golden Globes massively influenced Oscar choices so it might fall inline if it were to change? This is from his The Good The Bad and the Multiplex book in 2011

The venality of the HFPA membership is legendary and should have made the Golden Globes the laughing stock of the world; after all, these are the people who gave a New Star of the Year award to Pia Zadora, an actress so lousy that, as the popular gag goes, an ill-judged title role in the stage play of The Diary of Anne Frank prompted an audience member to shout ‘She’s in the attic!’ when the Nazis turned up. When Globes host Ricky Gervais ‘joked’ in 2011 that HFPA members hadn’t only nominated The Tourist because they wanted to meet Johnny Depp but that ‘they also accepted bribes’, the laughter that filled the room was as hollow as Worzel Gummidge’s head.

The Globes would be nothing but a horrible joke were it not for the fact that their position in the so-called ‘awards calendar’ means that they have an unhealthy power over Oscar voting. Since American Academy members don’t have time to watch all the eligible releases, they tend to wait until the Golden Globes shortlist is announced and then make their selection from that random field. Thus a group of toadying numbskulls effectively get to control the first stage of Oscar voting, thereby elevating their otherwise utterly irrelevant standing in the world and (more importantly) skewing the results of the most prestigious entertainment awards ceremony in the world. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the list of Golden Globe nominees for the past ten years and then compare it to the list of Oscar contenders for the same period. You’ll be astonished how closely they match up.

Here’s your last ten hosts of the Golden Globes.

2010- Ricky Gervais
2011- Ricky Gervais
2012- Ricky Gervais
2013- Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
2014- Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
2015- Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
2016- Ricky Gervais
2017- Jimmy Fallon
2018- Seth Meyers
2019- Ricky Gervais
2020- Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

hmmm seeing a pattern here?

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fact they’ve allowed Gervais on there 5 TIMES, christ.

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Yeah. I mean 2010 Gervais wasn’t really the known horror that 2019’s Gervais was I guess? Trying to recall.

That is a really fucked up narrow list of presenters, though.

I mean the BAFTA’s may be slightly ahead of the game I guess with Clara Amfo in 2020 (but of course she couldn’t do it on her own Edith Bowman and Dermit O 'Leary had to assist). Prior to that just going back to 2002. Hmm seeing a pattern here?

2002- Stephen Fry
2003- Stephen Fry
2004- Stephen Fry
2005- Stephen Fry
2006- Stephen Fry
2007- Jonathan Ross
2008- Jonathan Ross
2009- Jonathan Ross
2010- Jonathan Ross
2011- Jonathan Ross
2012- Stephen Fry
2013- Stephen Fry
2014- Stephen Fry
2015- Stephen Fry
2016- Stephen Fry
2017- Stephen Fry
2018- Joanna Lumley
2019- Joanna Lumley


It just stems down to the fact that these old white elitist producers want the best ratings they can get, even though these award ceremonies ratings plummet every year. Yet they are still scared to let a person of color host because its blase to see what could possibly happen. Fucking sad.


sorry rant over.

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I find it funny that Hollywood/the media have all suddenly decided that the Golden Globes aren’t worth the hassle and that the HFPA are a bunch of charlatans, as if that hasn’t been obvious for years. I assume they’ve secretly got a replacement awards planned or they’ll just chuck in some extra parties to schmooze Academy members instead. I also assume the Oscars and the Emmys will be quite happy to be the only film/TV awards show in town now.


And now NBC has dumped the show and Tom Cruise has returned his Golden Globe awards. Can we get the Grammys cancelled next?

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The Weeknd is trying to fuck the Grammys up and I give him my energy

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Yeah this is the bit that I am finding really baffling. Everyone has known they’re a scam for decades?

Obviously Tom Cruise handing back those awards seems good although:

At a guess there’s some loss of power going on in the wake of activism. I mean they’ve known it was a scam but I’d guess it was a scam run by people who could affect the careers of people in Hollywood so trying to take a stand was problematic.

Seems like the formation of the Time’s Up group in 2018 is maybe the united spearhead here alongside the LA Times doing an exposé on the money involved. Seems like with this sort of thing you only need to really knock a few parts before it starts crumbling.

I like Yashar Ali breathlessly declaring that Tom Cruise is a big wheel in the Church of Scientology who are an insane cult, as if that wasn’t even more ‘no shit sherlock’ than news that the Golden Globes are corrupt nonsense

Well yeah but I don’t think that deflects from his point, does it?