Great albums released on the same day


Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and Midnight Marauders


Screamadelica, Nevermind, Blood Sugar Sex Magik.


Blonde On Blonde and Pet Sounds (although I must admit I’m not a particularly big fan of either).


I think Badmotorfinger was also released on the same day


It looks like you are right too.


The Downward Spiral and Superunknown


Use Your Illusion I and II


The only one I remember without looking it up is Kid A and Green Day’s Warning. One of the best days of college.


and Trompe le Monde


Really? In that case it must be the winning day for album releases of all-time.


and the low end theory


Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space & OK Computer, 16th June 1997. Charted the next week at numbers 4 and 1 respectively.


Ziggy Stardust and Roxy Music’s debut. What a combo.


Tom waits - bone machine
Screaming trees - sweet oblivion
Morphine - good


use your il- d’oh


I remember Nirvana’s In Utero and Pet Shop Boys’ Very been released on the same day in 1993. HMV couldn’t make their minds up on which album to go with as their ‘main one’ for the week. In those days, they’d devote the front of their flagship stores to one new album for its first week of release. They split it half and half, as they couldn’t make a decision. PSB outsold Nirvana to claim number one that week.


I think that D’Angelo’s Voodoo came out on the same day in Europe as the Boredoms’ Vision Creation Newsun. (It came out a month earlier in Japan and I can’t find the European release date). I definitely bought them on the same day. Still my best day at a record store ever


Scott 3, Dusty in Memphis and the third Velvet Underground album were all released on 31 March 1969.


Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible and Oasis - Definitely Maybe