Great escape fest 2024! 🤪

Hi! I did one of these threads last year.

I’m going to this again as I had a GREAT time last year.
Probably just going to wander around and try and get some nice food and go to the venues I like as I don’t know any if the bands.

Currently working my way through their 16hr! playlist, lots of it is pretty dull tbh so any recommendations of anyone who is playing who is either FUN or WEIRD would be lovely


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Is ant playing?


Hope so!!!

I saw Ebbb support Model/Actriz last November and they were so good. No music online as far as I can see. Definitely worth checking them out.

TGE lineups are usually filled with the worst band names ever but this year it’s looking pretty tame.

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This is getting interesting. Quite a few pull-outs already


Well that escalated quickly

1/3rd have pulled out already and a venue


Oh dear!

It’s 1/3 bands that have asked to drop Barclays, as opposed to 1/3 bands having pulled out, isn’t it?

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Ah yes i misread

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I would also love some recommendations, as me and my pals all have kids now so don’t get out to gigs that much anymore and dont have the time to go through the MASSIVE playlist with a fine-tooth comb like we used to

anyone heard good things about any of these?

I’ve listened to all/most of the bands announced, up until the latest batch of 150 new bands this week. Boy am I going to be a bit disappointed if a bunch of them pull out, after I’ve had to listen through them all! (well, admittedly some I didn’t listen to for more than a couple of seconds, as it was easy to get a quick idea).

So, excluding the latest batch of 150 bands I’ve not checked yet, these are the ones I’ve rated 7/10 or higher so far:

Conchúr White
En Attendant Ana
Saya Gray
Sylvie Kreusch
Zaho De Sagazan

I’ve already seen Bishospkin, Cosmorat and UTO live, and they all put on great live shows. Definitely hoping to see them all again.


En Attendant Ana are very very fun


lovely stuff! I’ll give all these a listen

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Some more pullouts. Personally I’m selfishly hoping that bands just slag off Barclays at their sets, or of course ideally TGE drop Barclays - but maybe the festival is desperate for the money so it’s not even a consideration for them.

I’ve gone through the app and hearted all of the bands I want to see. I’ll need to whittle them down greatly and choose between clashes, but I might hold off on that for a bit as I imagine there will be more bands that will pull out.

On the positive side, I still love the Great Escape app. Plus they’ve improved it with some extra configuration of the venue orders and filtering on venues and artists. Although they still hide away the most useful My Events option in the More part of the app.

Looks like there are lots of empty slots on the website gig planner – whole venue line-ups on the Saturday (Secretly Group, Australian Sounds, Global Local) empty, and a bunch of other blanks dotted around. Am guessing these are the Barclays pullouts rather than tbc slots.

I’m slowly working through the list - I’m up to about M. I’ve got a couple of quiet days at work later this week, so I should be able to get through it all shortly.

For me though, it’s not just about the main festival but unofficial stuff too, so I’m collating those line ups too. A lot of the Brighton bands who have pulled out will definitely be playing at other gigs round town

not my part of the country sadly, but loved the new album and have a live rec from a fellow forumite

Me: “Really good stuff - also FFO Ulrika Spacek and Women I think”


I’ve abandoned going through it! An absolute chore! :grinning:
Just going to wander about, see where fate takes me

Yeah, I’ve said in previous years that bands whose names start with letters from the start of the alphabet are much more likely to get on my list than those whose start with later letters. It would be good if you could filter out by genre, or anything really, because just so much to wade through.