Green Man Festival 2022

First batch of the line up announced tomorrow! Their twitter has been teasing some of the line up already but I’m too thick to figure them out.

Who’s excited?

I am, its my first ever Green Man festival.


Ah, you’re going to have a blast - easily my favourite festival, so much to do. Very jealous of all those going, no way of me getting tickets this year as got other big life stuff going on.


Would be interested in going again and based on a lot of the available artists touring, this lineup could be really very good.

You’ll have a great time @Huggy_Bear it’s a very beautiful festival all round

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Katy J Pearson is one of them. Cassandra Jenkins is another.

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20th birthday celebration as well, so the line up should be amazing. No ticket for me this year though.

Beach House definitely playing I reckon.

Probably give you a good clue of who’s playing this year :wink:

Pretty annoying this ngl. Not only is it very tedious, but there is a lot on that poster that played green man last year anyway, and quite a number that played green man in 2019.

Don’t really understand why you do this tbh, but yeah, you crack on mate


Ah, it happens both ways from people who go to each (and both in some cases!) and it’s just a bit of a recurring joke really.

Edit - just to show that it happens both ways - from last years EOTR thread :slight_smile: :

Wasn’t intending to annoy or anything though and I’ll steer clear of it from now

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I doubt I’ll be able to go again, but we went in 2019 and loved it. Excellent festival in an unbelievable location. Mind you, if the line-up is crazily good tomorrow then you never know…

Going this year for the first time since the insanely muddy 2008 edition. Bringing the kids. The weather’s going to be great, right?

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I am doing Green Man this year instead of EOTR as the dates for EOTR don’t work for us this year. It tipped it down for for the start of the weekend last time we went in 2012 (Feist/Mogwai/Van Morrison year) so hoping for better this time. Love it when line-ups are published and you can start picking through.

Nah, it’s cool, probably me being a bit too harsh, but think it’s a point you hammer a lot. And my reply you’ve picked out is a joke too. Sorry about that, didn’t want to be as serious as that came across (don’t post whilst parenting Rich).


As i understand it the law of Green Man means that there is mandatory rain at least one day but its never spoiled the times ive been (2014, 2019, 2021).

Not able to make it this year but such a wonderful festival

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I know they said there’d be no more tickets but I am hoping there are actually more tickets.

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Just adding this to the Festivals board.


Doing the whole week with 3 kids (under 8 :roll_eyes:). It will be fun, right?!

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