Guardian: 20 Best Songs of 2020

Found this a good read over lunch today. And really not a bad list - although not necessarily my “type” of music - with plenty of minority/female gender representation to boot …

I’ll probably now listen to the songs on the list, many of which I do not really know other than by reputation, which I guess is at least partly the point.

Surprised by the #1 tbh. Not my thing but that’s irrelevant, just thought it was considered a pretty clunky effort. One of those massive productions with ott video that just doesn’t have the song to back it up; less than the sum of it’s parts. Maybe it’s one of those things that kind of became iconic over time.

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Physical should be #1. Decent list though.

None of these tracks are Famous Monsters by Chromatics, which I take issue with.

I haven’t heard one of those songs.


Having 2 songs by the same artist in a list of 20 seems odd. Feels like a will this do list rather than any real thought going into it. Suspect a lot of end of year lists will be like this everyone wants out of this year.

I think it’s a ‘will this do’ list because it’s the Guardian to be honest


The absolute insanity of this list.

Assuming the timescale for an article from writing to publication is at least a week, they wrote this article mere days before a new Pumpkins release despite surely knowing that it would contain some of the year’s best songs

Gutted there’s no Charli in a pop-focused list like this :frowning: Rain On Me is alright put I reckon one of the Dua Lipa bangers probably clinch it tbh

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