Guess the audio

If you’ve seen this link in another thread, please don’t participate.

What is this?

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A link to vocaroo, a website for recording and/or sharing audio clips



Epimer, that post is absolutely hilarious


Thank you

Thank you.


Sounds like a bad sitcom transition like everybody loves raymond or something

It’s the friends transition music?

@Bamnan effectively yes and @grievoustim bingo yes

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Great thread

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Central Perk Sting 3

If there are any other 4 second licks you’d like me to recreate for you please let me know.
£8 a pop.

OK I’ll come clean, will people please like the OP or generally give me some praise for my guitar playing. I only get to perform to my two toddlers these days and they just scream at me to put the guitar away or bite my hands until I stop. I’m desperate for positive attention

How do they feel about the banjo?

Can you do the bit from about 0.16-0.23 in Little Wing please? I can’t nail the transition to the second chord shape smoothly and it irks me.

@anon29812515 will pay

sorry to hear that, you’ve always been a very talented and clean player from what I’ve heard Smee

Play smelly cat!

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hmm? this sounds good