🔥 Hades thread🔥

There you go @Scagden

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dat thumbnail
dis game good?

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when he gets a fresh cut we call him Fades


It’s fine I suppose.

No it’s good. It’s like a Diablo-em-up crossed with rogue-lites like Slay the Spire or Dead Cells, but with good story elements to reward repeated attempts.

Makes him a hit with the Ladies.

And since it’s Greek mythology, also the… Daddies

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I think my easiest run so far involved the Poseidon boon that makes your dash do damage, plus a Hermes boon to give me an extra dash, plus the Zeus call. Just dashed about the place until everything was dead.

Is this penoid geek stuff?

No it’s cool computer game dood stuff


Yay thanks @Epimer

looks like it, I opened the thread expecting hell and damnation and all we got is this.

sick of this pair of pricks


My breakthrough with them was to basically ignore any boon or other upgrade that causes area damage, with a few exceptions like the Dionysus cast one. My reasoning was that basically any build can clear up to those pricks, but they are a roadblock, and the next boss is also much more difficult than the areas leading to him. So single target damage is key.



Dai Mortal is a Welsh bloke. Thinks he’s Highlander.


So I just wanted to say that I absolutely hate rogue-likes a genre but I cannot stop playing this. Dying genuinely doesn’t feel like a punishment, it feels like a chance to catch my breath and catch up with some characters I’ve got fond of.

That said, I’m still mostly a noob, I’ve only got 2 bits of Titan Blood and no idea what to do with them yet.

Haven’t really got my head around artefacts yet either. I’m currently trying to wear them long enough to level them up.

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found the ones you get from skelly and cereberus to be most useful early on, at least until you get some extra starting health from the mirror

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After 1st victory (using bow), decided working on the sword. Don’t get on with it. So switched back to the bow and immediately won again. The titan blood upgrade that lets you charge the cast things into your shots is very satisfying. Been trying with fists and gun since… Can get to final boss 90% of the time, but always stumble during that fight. Blurgh.

Titan Blood will come in useful later, don’t be tempted to trade it away.

My very general strategy for artifacts is to first wear the god’s one you’re thinking about building around (it may make more sense to swap to that in Asphodel when it’s more obvious where your build is going), then get out Skelly’s Tooth for the last boss, or the boss you’re currently struggling with. Or go with the butterfly or the plume if you’re feeling confident, they get very powerful if you stick with them. Chaos’s artifact is very strong on its own. Also Persephone’s is really really good.

The Hermes upgrade which gives you extra dashes is extremely useful for the last boss.

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Also if you’re just trying to beat the game I can’t recommend the bow and Athena boons enough. It allows you to keep your distance from the most dangerous enemies (and usually allows you to get in a powerful free hit before they notice you), and if you stick Athena on the special you gain an absurdly OP wave shield against any ranged enemy. Having that when you meet the otherwise nightmarish witches’ coven miniboss in Asphodel is unbelievably satisfying.

The only thing is, it does make defeating Theseus in particular more difficult.