Going on wednesday for a few nights and need recommendations
Craft beer places and food places with good veggie options that arent vegetarian restaurants
Also need somewhere to watch the europa league final

bah hamburg


I’m going there for a stag in July. I’m not especially looking forward to it.

Bang some prossies down the reeper with the lads while smashing back the Astra

I’m going with the missus so that’s not really an option

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I’m forking out the best part of £50 to be the sober one on a “beer bike”…

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oh god.

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I hear it’s beautiful, at least, quite a few people we met in munich said “you should go to hamburg, it’s beautiful there”

The home of the hot dog, quite famously.


I like it down by the docks where the market is. Otherwise I tend to just go ape on the Reeperbahn and go bar hopping, I’ve been three times but just for gigs rather than prolonged stays.

Oh there’s a good punk looking pizza place just off the Reeperbahn (Pizza Bande) that is great and caters for vegans if that’s how you choose to live your life.

Went to a very good potato-themed restaurant called Kartoffelkellar there . Good veggie options, less so for vegans. But if you like potatoes and cheese, it’s pretty great.

I’m not vegan.
Missus is veggie and I don’t like vegetables. A match made in finding somewhere to eat heaven

a few people I know recently went and said it was a shithole

Where are you staying?

‘Jim’s burritos’ for food (meat & veggie, it’s just a burrito place but it’s good), also that general area (schanze) is good for bars and food but a bit student-y.

or the lange reihe near the station has loads of bars and decent restaurants (italian, brazilian, tapas, that sort of thing), dunno about craft beer though

Galopper des Jahres was my favourite place for drinks. We went in mid January, though, so loads of places that could’ve been lovely to sit outside in summer were absolutely rammed inside.

Ratsherrn brewery was good too, in a really nice building. They do food but I’m pretty sure veggie options won’t extend much further than a giant pretzel.

Miniature world is surprisingly not shit.

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someone here is lying, I dunno if it’s your mates or the apparently nice germans who spoke to us

I’ve not got a fud. He can do one of my bum or willy if he wants.
Accommodation is expensive

Don’t mind me resurrecting this!

I’m going in June with my dad, who will be on the lookout for nice, atmospheric bars and a decent museum or two. Being scousers we’ll probably rinse all the Beatles-y attractions too.

Also… record shops?

Honest to go, Miniature Wonderland.

Min. I. A. Ture. Won. Der. Land.