Have you ever broken/smashed a musical instrument (deliberately or accidentally)?

I’ve done it twice, accidentally:

  • in c.2001, my Epiphone Les Paul fell off its stand during a band practice and broke its neck. I got it repaired but it never really recovered :frowning:
  • in c.2017, I dropped my Takamine acoustic guitar in its soft case and managed to take a 6 inch chunk off the body. I managed to glue it back and it was okay, just badly disfigured. I ended up selling it to the son of a friend of mine - so he actually got a very nice guitar for a very low price.

My Tele has a couple of chips in it, including a big one of unknown source that no one has owned up to

Nothing deliberate though

Smashed an SX P-Bass copy after the worst gig I’ve ever played when I was 20/21. The rest of the band were stocious drunk and I swore I’d never play with them again.

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My guitar fell over and it fucked the lowest string up

It was alright though cause I used it on my first live show to get really deeeeeeppp bass sounds, so it worked out in the end

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My fucking 20 year old cheapo workhorse acoustic fell off the wall bracket a couple of weeks ago and is irreparably damaged :scream:

Broke my mbira at Glastonbury

I let my acoustic guitar rust and rot and all i ever learned to play on it in 10 years were 2 chords

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15 years ago, playing a friend’s birthday party at the local Conservative Club. I drank the best part of two bottles of wine before the gig, slagged off Thatcher during the set then threw my bass into the wall. Our guitarist dropped his guitar onto the carpeted floor and somehow managed to break it as well.

I passed out after the gig, then later on threw the birthday cake at our guitarist because I’d thought he’d written the word ‘gay’ on my leg using Hula Hoops whilst I was conked out.

I wasn’t at my best when I was 18.



As a youngster I had a pretty crappy acoustic guitar.
Was mucking about with alt tunings and the tuning peg snapped clean off the headstock while I was playing and the recoil on the string sliced the palm of my hand open.

Have an electroacoustic that’s acoustic only now due to getting knocked a few times over the years.

Appropriate t-shirt anyway :smile:

Dropped my Strat on a dumbbell.

I can still see it, in slow motion.



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Ooft. Henry Rollins tour band?