Health - disco3

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Screwed the spotify link and can’t edit my post…


Free download too:

Weird, it’s not showing up on my Spotify. Apparently that’s there’s some problems with getting it on there and that’s why they’ve made it a free download?

Will listen to it tonight, I’m quite excited. Disco 2 was a little disappointing, and (because I had such high expectations) so was Death Magic. but when Health reach their high points they’re really great.

USA Boys is still an absolute beast of a track.


I had the same except for the Purity Ring remix, but seems to be up there now (in this region at least).

I enjoyed Disco 2 a hell of a lot too, though I’ll admit Disco was something else.

I also enjoyed Death Magic, but I do wonder what it’d have sounded like if they’d collaborated with Haxan Cloak on more than just the one track.

Yeah I’ve been listening to Disco a fair bit this week and it’s still great. So far I’m enjoying Disco 3 a lot as well.

Oddly enough, the dropbox file upthread has a second disc called Disco3+ which isn’t on Spotify. It’s got some more good stuff on there, including remixes by Pictureplane and CFCF who are on all the other Disco albums so it’s a little strange they’re not on the first disc. Then again they did this sort of thing with the other two.

I hope their fourth album proper comes sooner rather than later, the wait between Get Colour and Death Magic felt like forever, granted there was the Max Payne 3 soundtrack. I’m really excited for what they do next, would be cool if they did more collaboration stuff in general I think,


There was a download which came with the vinyl of DISCO 2 that had some pretty good remixes on it, so this is presumably the equivalent…