HGIIR 50th thread

For the 50th HGIIR thread (which will be the one after the next one on Monday) I’d be honoured if one of you would be guest host. If you fancy doing that then register your interest below and I’ll select someone via the standard DiS method (discobot) next Saturday

I’m not precious about the format so if you want to put your own twist on the thread then go ahead, the only thing I ask is that you include a number rating poll with options of 1 to 10 so we get a score out of 10 at the end

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I’ll do it, the album will be Harlem World by Ma$e, and the only voting option will be 10/10.


I will have a go if selected.

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Have we done Madvilliany yet? I know there was a DOOM HGATR but I don’t think we’ve had this specific record have we?


No, hasn’t been done. If it isn’t clear, whoever is lucky enough to be chosen has free rein to pick whatever album they want, they definitely do not have to stick to the list I’ve been using

Might put my name in the ring and then pivot madly from Madvillany to Thousand Yard Stare’s underloved second album Mappamundi just for the lols if chosen.


gwan then

*zwan then


I’m definitely up for it and already regret picking whatever I’m going to pick.

I won’t enter for obvious reasons but I will pay whoever wins to choose Forever Changes.


this is me registering my interest

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I am interested and wracked with indecision.

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Zeitgeist - 10/10


reckon a HGATR / HGIIR for the Levellers would be one of the shortest and most brutal in the history of the format

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They’re on the list and I haven’t chosen Monday’s thread yet…

I would like to choose an album please thank you

You can’t get my hopes up like that.

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