📺 HGWIR: The Thick of It and Veep 📺

Spoilers for the whole shows

Show Rating
I’m Alan Partridge 4.79
The Wire 4.75
Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers 4.75
The Sopranos 4.57
Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave 4.41
Twin Peaks 4.32
Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out 4.25
Seinfeld 4.09
The Office UK 4.07
Generation Kill 4.06
Breaking Bad 4.01
Show Me a Hero 4
Futurama 3.97
Friday Night Lights 3.89
Twin Peaks: The Return 3.89
Fawlty Towers 3.89
The Corner 3.85
Knowing Me, Knowing You 3.84
Six Feet Under 3.83
Mid Morning Matters 3.8
Homicide: Life on the Street 3.68
The League of Gentlemen 3.64
This Life 3.6
Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death 3.56
The Office US 3.48
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3.45
Treme 3.22
The X-Files 3.19
Malcolm in the Middle 3.18
Gilmore Girls 3.09
Psychoville 3.01
Friends 2.98
Mr. Bean 2.94
Only Fools and Horses 2.94
The Mighty Boosh 2.73
The Big Breakfast 2.66
Sex and the City 2.59
Angel 2.55
Skins 2.46
Lost 2.39
Goodnight Sweetheart 2.11
Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy 1.63
Miranda 1.49



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Veep is still going! Ill vote after this season has finished.


Veep has gone on for too long but when it was at its best it was amazing. 4/5


I love that you’ve done this.

Yes! Been waiting for this one. I love it, just absolutely fucking love it. Seen it through about 15 times and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it. The quality drops slightly at the beginning of the last series but it’s never less than brilliant. So many amazing performances, Capaldi obviously, Rebecca Front, and James Smith as Glenn might be the best. Glenn and Julius Nicholson are the best characters btw. So many highlights throughout, but Spinners and Losers is my favourite episode of any ptogramme ever made. I love the inquiry episode too, cause it’s a great departure to see these characters, who are all unlikable and shady at some point, having to answer for their actions with no swearing and in one location throughout. Anyway, yeah, my favourite of all of them. 10/5.


ahhh shit! I thought I read today that it has finished but guess it was just an announcement that it will be finishing.

Oh well, a rare exception to the rule!

In the last season now - just a few episodes left i think.

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Veep finished yesterday in the US (airs here on Wednesday)

Enjoying this season more than the last one tbh


5/5 for the thick of it even with Ollie’s weird racist thing in The Rise Of The Nutters.

In The Loop is just as good as well.

5 for the first 2 ttoi series + specials, 3 or 4 for the rest
First few seasons of Veep are good, went off it a bit after that. definitely carried to an extent by its amazing cast

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Bonus poll: In the Loop

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Watched a few episodes of Veep but it never piqued my interest. Thick of it is a definite, easy 5

I love Glenn so much it hurts.


What’s his racist thing? Genuinely don’t remember

Chris Addison has the perfect face for playing a spineless amoral arsehole with no redeeming qualities


I used to be the Pharoah, Terry.

“He is a man worm”

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I am eating the bhaji