How do you hold a pen?

Do you hold it “properly”? I don’t, and reckon it’s a load of codswallop. Never caused me any issues and I’ve lovely penmanship.

Left or right handed? Right for me. My mate’s Dad Kev was left handed but when he was at school the nuns shouted at him and forced him to swap. Terrible, that.


How do you think? With my arsehole, obviously.

That does explain some of the crap you come out with


I hate holding a pen, or a pencil for that matter. Two objects I’d be happy to never have to hold again.

I’ve always been told I hold it wrong, I’ll get evidence

I’ll also include my handwriting as it’s arguably the worst of all time

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That’s the “correct” way, is it not?


That surprises me. Had you down as the sort of person who’d send handwritten thank you notes

Live footage:


I like your furry table

Can we stop with all the proper names for fingers please? As far as I’m concerned you’ve got a thumb, a little one and the ones in between are a mystery


Oh I like it!!!

Thumb, little one, pointy one, rude one, useless one

Oh no, none of them are useless if utilised correctly

Come on I need to show it
Something too small for a lense
If I rub it if I wipe it
[gyrates in swedish]

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Left-handed, but curled around the top of the paper and my hand smudges everything I’ve written though. Writing in fountain pen was a nightmare at school, used to have to cover up what I’d written as I’d erase it all when I moved on to a second line.

  • Left handed
  • Right handed

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Doesn’t look quite as claw like IRL

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