🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Little Mix

The one year I watched the X Factor was when Little Mix were on. It was a mostly mediocre and miserable watch except for their final episode where they did Don’t Let Go and absolutely smashed it. Think they generally seem like decent people and DNA was on my party playlist for quite a long time during the golden age of mid 00s pop along with Kesha, Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas etc.

3/5 I think.

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Fair enough!
It’s annoying the polls were never changed back so you could post a whole list in there. It’s a right faff for you.

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Tbh it’s less annoying than the whole poll box jumping around the screen every time you try and select something. I liked the old polls best.

I don’t think I have an opinion on The Little Mixes. Sorry…

Surprised by how few of those singles I recognise given how big they are. Probably a couple more I’d recognise if I heard them.


Like others I’ve been pretty surprised at their success. I always find their songs too busy, like there’s a hook in there somewhere but you have to find it under all the other shit they’ve thrown at it.

I’m a sucker for girl groups and would love to love them, they just don’t have the songs or personality to really grab me.


Might give them a five despite not hearing a song of theirs as sometimes you just want to watch the world burn.

I don’t really find that at all - the production is usually fitting to the song i think :man_shrugging:

Never heard anything from them.

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Yeah, they all sound busy to me. The first one is a bit better than the other two. The songs are quite formulaic as well. They’re no Girls Aloud.


Hmm, I’m a pop music aficionado but LM couldn’t get above a 2 for me at best. Black Magic is a banger, but nothing else from them on the radio ever stood out for me, beyond the odd bit of surprisingly busy percussion.

Nowhere near the legacy or Greatest Hits collection of a Girls Aloud or Sugababes and, even outside the girlbands, there’s way better pop out there.

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Just unnecessarily unpleasant, this. “Everyone who doesn’t like this is a…” is the other side of the “music for people who” coin.

Anyway, I’ve undoubtedly heard Little Mix but don’t recognise any of the songs on that list. Their longevity is impressive but they’re probably not for me and that’s fine. Abstain.


An utterly-fine-and-inoffensive 2.
Shout Out To My Ex is a weak shadow of Ugly Heart by GRL, the song it’s based on


YES! I love this song.

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Maybe. Its preemptive though cos straight pop or mainstream acts have got a right kicking in the past

If people don’t think they are good (as the thread suggests) then they can vote how they like without people pre emptively calling them out for it.

All it does is discourage participation. If people think they’re all going to be tarred with the same brush if they don’t like whoever’s being discussed then they may as well not bother.


Don’t know their stuff at all but have a feeling they have good politics going off Twitter?

are you going to base your little mix vote on their politics? :smiley:

it’s just a humorously exaggerated way of saying two things that are generally true - the boards skew a bit older and we do like to over-analyse things