🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Neil Young

Hello! Right then, let’s get on with another.

Massive Attack score lower than I thought,

Artist Rating
Aretha Franklin 4.64
Otis Redding 4.34
David Bowie 4.31
The Cure 4.28
Björk 4.27
Marvin Gaye 4.21
Stevie Wonder 4.17
Nirvana 4.15
Radiohead 4.13
The Supremes 4.13
Prince 4.11
Wu-Tang Clan 4.11
Kate Bush 4.07
OutKast 4.07
Portishead 4.03
Jimi Hendrix 3.93
Joni Mitchell 3.89
Massive Attack 3.89
Bruce Springsteen 3.84
Blondie 3.73
ABBA 3.66
Kanye West 3.65
Blur 3.61
Beyoncé 3.54
Bob Marley & The Wailers 3.48
Jeff Buckley 3.47
Madonna 3.4
Toots & The Maytals 3.35
Kylie Minogue 3.27
Sugababes 3.22
Rihanna 3.19
Led Zeppelin 3.16
Jay-Z 3.14
The Rolling Stones 3.09
The Strokes 3.03
Elvis Presley 3.02
Weezer 3
Girls Aloud 2.93
Britney Spears 2.85
Metallica 2.81
Basement Jaxx 2.75
Oasis 2.71
Lady Gaga 2.61
Queen 2.6
Blink-182 2.21

And let’s move on to a man named after a DiSer

Neil Young then…

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Neil Young has a lot of fucking albums

  • Neil Young
  • Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  • After The Goldrush
  • Harvest
  • On The Beach
  • Tonight’s The Night
  • Zuma
  • Long May You Run
  • American Stars 'n Bars
  • Comes A Time
  • Rust Never Sleeps
  • Hawks & Doves
  • Re•ac•tor
  • Trans
  • Everybody’s Rockin’
  • Old Ways
  • Landing On Water
  • Life
  • This Note’s For You
  • Freedom
  • Ragged Glory
  • Harvest Moon
  • Sleeps With Angel’s
  • Mirror Ball
  • Broken Arrow
  • Silver & Gold
  • Are You Passionate?
  • Greendale
  • Prairie Wind
  • Living With War
  • Chrome Dreams II
  • Fork In The Road
  • Le Noise
  • Americana
  • Psychedelic Pill
  • A Letter Home
  • Storytone
  • The Monsanto Years
  • Peace Trail
  • The Visitor

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And from the Best Of

  • Down By The River
  • Cowgirl In The Sand
  • Cinnamon Girl
  • Helpless
  • After The Gold Rush
  • Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  • Southern Man
  • Ohio
  • The Needle And The Damage Done
  • Old Man
  • Heart Of Gold
  • Like A Hurricane
  • Comes A Time
  • Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
  • My My, Hey Hey (Into The Blue)
  • Rockin’ In The Free World
  • Harvest Moon

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5 with bells on


First 5 from me (missed a fair few votes)

So good. Still knockin’ it out of the park live too.

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:musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: “Swede and carrot pie!” :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:



…Wait, we’re not talking about the poster?


Reatalk: not my thing in the slightest so I’m abstaining. Have a fun thread, peeps :wave:


This is either a very good bit or you’ve really done yourself here…

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5/5. There isn’t a finer sound in rock music than Crazy Horse in full gallop. It’s loose and sprawling and thrilling. And massive respect to him for continually ploughing his own furrow and not caring what anyone else thinks.

A few quality control issues in later years (think after David Briggs died there was no one left to say no to him) but the seventies and nineties legacy is so strong it doesn’t matter.

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Also live at filmore east is the best live album ever


6/5 no questions asked.


Think ant has Neil diamond and neil young confused



I think he’s trying to play us like a penoid board game.

Unplugged is one of the best live albums ever


Plays us like a football management simulator.

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Top NY jams not on Funkhouser’s list

Cortez The Killer
Over & Over
Love & Only Love
Ramada Inn
Love Is A Rose
I’m The Ocean
Throw Your Hatred Down
Change Your Mind
Out On The Weekend


I think I have only heard two or three songs but I loved them

I’ve gone 4. I love the few albums I’ve heard (ATGR, Harvest Moon, a couple of Best Ofs) but never delved deeper. It’s a gap in my musical knowledge and one I keep meaning to rectify but never get round to it. Maybe now is the time. Heart Of Gold is one of my all time top 10 songs though.