🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 PJ Harvey

Happy Sunday folks! Time for this!

RATM score an above average 3.71, thought they might be a little higher but still not bad.

Artist Rating
Aretha Franklin 4.64
Neil Young 4.48
Otis Redding 4.34
David Bowie 4.31
The Cure 4.28
Björk 4.27
Marvin Gaye 4.21
Stevie Wonder 4.17
Nirvana 4.15
Radiohead 4.13
The Supremes 4.13
Prince 4.11
Wu-Tang Clan 4.11
Kate Bush 4.07
OutKast 4.07
Portishead 4.03
Jimi Hendrix 3.93
Joni Mitchell 3.89
Massive Attack 3.89
Bruce Springsteen 3.84
Blondie 3.73
Rage Against The Machine 3.71
ABBA 3.66
Kanye West 3.65
Blur 3.61
Beyoncé 3.54
Bob Marley & The Wailers 3.48
Jeff Buckley 3.47
Madonna 3.4
Toots & The Maytals 3.35
Kylie Minogue 3.27
Sugababes 3.22
Rihanna 3.19
Led Zeppelin 3.16
Jay-Z 3.14
The Rolling Stones 3.09
The Strokes 3.03
Elvis Presley 3.02
Weezer 3
Girls Aloud 2.93
Britney Spears 2.85
Metallica 2.81
Basement Jaxx 2.75
Oasis 2.71
Lady Gaga 2.61
Queen 2.6
Blink-182 2.21
Adele 2.05

And now, we wish good fortune, to PJ Harvey

What’s the verdict on Polly Jean then?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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  • Dry
  • Rid Of Me
  • To Bring You My Love
  • Is This Desire?
  • Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
  • Uh Huh Her
  • White Chalk
  • Let England Shake
  • The Hope Six Demolition Project

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  • Dress
  • Sheela-Na-Gig
  • 50ft Queenie
  • Man-Size
  • Down By The Water
  • C’mon Billy
  • Send His Love To Me
  • Henry Lee
  • That Was My Veil
  • Broken Homes
  • A Perfect Day Elise
  • The Wind
  • Good Fortune
  • A Place Called Home
  • This Is Love
  • The Letter
  • You Come Through
  • Shame
  • When Under Ether
  • The Piano
  • The Devil
  • Black Hearted Love
  • The Words That Maketh Murder
  • The Glorious Land
  • Written On The Forehead
  • The Wheel
  • The Community Of Hope
  • The Orange Monkey
  • Guilty

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Seriously though: how good is PJ Harvey? Clear 5


She’s great, don’t get the love for let England shake though :man_shrugging:


I’ve gone with a 4. I don’t know a huge amount of her stuff, but Stories… Let England Shake and TBYML and some other singles are enough to know that she’s fucking brilliant. Also a bonus point cause one of my ATDs just had a baby girl and named her Polly Jean.

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I’m here to rep for White Chalk, which is a bit anomalous in her catalogue but an absolute top 10 of all time for me. She evokes such a singular, stunning mood on this. Best artwork-sound matchup too. Perfect.

Let England Shake was excellent but I didn’t get the whole ‘Polly Jean has finally come into her own’ narrative that seemed to come along with it. Felt a bit weird for an artist who had been releasing ace music for nearly twenty years.

Stories From The City is probably the album of hers I revisit most often though. There aren’t many albums I own that finish and the only logical thing to do is to press play again.

The rest haven’t clicked with me in the same way tbh, so I debated a 4 for about three seconds before bumping it up to a 5.



So glad to see someone who loves White Chalk as much as me. It’s probably the only one of hers I still listen to. A really strange, dark record.


3/5. Strong 4.5/5 for white chalk. Can’t get on with her voice a lot of the time

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Such a liar @anon19035908. To my face (post)!

I will simply bask in knowing I was right.

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She is the best.


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Given her a 5. She has taken a slightly questionable stance on foxhunting but I’ve never really disliked any of her albums and I’ve loved most of them.

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Easy 5 for me. In my absolute top tier of all time favourite artists.

Dry came out when I was in 6th form college and she’s been a really important artist to me ever since.

Yeah I nearly messaged you to say you’d got it right but I must have got distracted by something else.

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The run from dry to is this desire is untouchable. White Chalk massively underrated also. The last one is the only bsd record she’s made.

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You said the thread you might be lying so I am cool with it :grinning:

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Think it was on your recommendation I got white chalk? Never really fell for her other stuff, but White Chalk is stunning.

One tiiiiiny criticism: what’s with the sequencing on Let England Shake? It feels like the last two or three tracks (the reggae one especially) are more like bonus tracks.

I like Uh Huh Her. Not heard it in a while though.

Worth a 5 for her early stuff but haven’t liked anything from white chalk on :frowning:
So 3.