💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Ys

I’ll sleeeeeeeeeeeeep through the rest of my days



Ah, the coercive strings fallacy.

Why do think that these would be less ‘real’ than other forms of artistic expression, out of interest?

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I hate it, properly hate it.
I’ve tried over the years, from when it came out and most recently for the HGATR, and it goes straight through ‘does nothing for me’ and comes out the other side. Good for you if you can get something from it I don’t, but it’s a 1 from me.


Ironically this album has a big Hollywood composer on it arranging the strings

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I dunno it’s hard to describe because of the context I guess, the need to appreciate craft and talent maybe? My own reverse snobbery about middle class things maybe too?

Like if you read a great poem it should be about quietly connecting with your inner self and revealing a feeling, obviously this is all subjective but for me it’s not about great or clever language. Same way if you look at a painting in a gallery you are in a gallery performing looking at a painting, chin-stroking, knowing that this is art and you should have a feeling

It often gets forgotten because it doesn’t happen as much these days but poetry is performative, it’s supposed to read aloud to really get across what it’s trying to say, so with that in mind these “poetic” lyrics are just honouring that.

Regardless, while it is very wordy it still is able to ellict some very intense emotions out people, the “why the long face” bit in Sawdust & Diamonds is a total gut punch every time I hear it


is this a fallacy? Interesting. I have always felt there are certain sounds that can create emotions in me, tied into my own past etc but I don’t always want those things to do that especially if the greater whole isn’t speaking to me

Fair enough, I guess maybe I just don’t like poetry then



Generous 8, it’s my favourite album by an artist I’ve given a lot of time to but never quite clicked with.

No, I know what you mean and I’m sure that some people do go to Galleries to be performative, but I don’t think it’s invariably the case. It’s not something I do often at all, but I’ve definitely gone to galleries and appreciated stuff without feeling the need to communicate this appreciation to other people for example. Would also say that hearing poems read out loud can add something - sometimes makes you focus on aspects that you’ve missed previously. Again, not going to pretend I’m a regular at poetry readings, but have definitely got something out of them, even if I would probably prefer to read them to myself


yeah i know nothing about art and never remember anything about any artists but i really enjoy wandering around an art gallery and looking at nice pictures with nice colours and stuff. v relaxing and i miss it.


Last time I went to an art gallery there was a piece of string on the floor as part of an exhibit.

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Yeah I think it’s more that the space itself is performative, like how live music is performative, or maybe a better analogy is if there was like an album listening party or something and 100 people were sat listening to an album, you’re going to be mindful of taking it seriously, investing time to explore if it’s good and what the reasons might be that 100 people are sitting here listening to it. Like these threads too I guess!

Just my opinion right now anyway, nothing major :slight_smile:

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No totally cool - just a nice discussion about art galleries! Was slightly wondering if you were thinking that Ys was in some way ‘inauthentic’, which is a criticism that gets thrown around on here quite a bit and is something I never understand, but you’re obviously not doing that at all


I dunno, maybe it is? I can’t say I’ve related to it, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily inauthentic though.

The idea of having a space that’s designed to provide stimulus to provoke and make people recontextualise their own feelings and experiences is obviously good but I think galleries etc are exclusionary especially in the way the broader culture is curated and whose opinions are listened to on what constitutes important art. Dead people from 400 years ago can get endless talked about and traded for millions for example which separates art/great art from the realm of the everyday. You and I can’t make great art because it’s reserved for geniuses whatever they are. Just another way to control people I guess

I like it but don’t love it.

I’m admittedly not a lyrics guy, so a lot of that stuff goes over my head anyway, but sonically speaking i’m not a great fan of the sort of more amped up Ren Fair feeling some of these songs have. The orchestration really doesn’t help, so i’m not a fan of that bit. But ‘Sawdust & Diamonds’ and ‘Cosmia’ more than make the price of admission worthwhile. Two of my favourite JN songs.

I go back occasionally, but I much much much prefer Milk Eyed Mender and Divers.

I’ll give it a 7.