🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #17 Eddie Guerrero 🇲🇽

The Man Called Sting gets a bit of a harsh score of 3.12, surely he should be more around the 3.5 Lesnar, HHH, Cena mark? Idk.

Wrestler Rating
Chris Jericho (3) 4.69
Kurt Angle (2) 4.55
Mick Foley (10) 4.55
Stone Cold Steve Austin (1) 4.36
William Regal (18) 4.1
Bret Hart (9) 4.07
CM Punk (16) 3.85
Booker T (48) 3.72
Brock Lesnar (30) 3.52
Triple H (13) 3.48
John Cena (17) 3.43
Rob Van Dam (47) 3.4
Becky Lynch (28) 3.2
Sting (52) 3.12
The Big Boss Man(36) 3.1
Scott Steiner (55) 3.08

Next up one of rightly one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time, taken way too early from us, who I’d expect will score pretty well because VIVA LA RAZA, HE LIES, HE CHEATS, HE STEALS, HE’S LATINO HEAT IT’S…

Eddie Guerrero!

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  • Black Tiger II vs Taka Michinoku (NJPW Super J Cup, Apr 1994)
  • Eddy Guerrero & Art Barr vs El Hijo Del Santo & Octagon (2 out of 3 falls tag Mask vs Hair match, WCW/AAA When Worlds Collide, Nov 6th 1994)
  • Eddy Guerrero vs 2 Cold Scorpio (ECW TV Title Match, Three Way Dance, Apr '95)
  • Eddy Guerrero vs Dean Malenko (ECW TV Title Match, Hostile City Showdown, Apr '95)
  • Eddy Guerrero vs Chris Benoit (WCW Nitro, Oct 16th '95)
  • Eddy Guerrero vs Shinjiro Otani (WCW Starrcade '95)
  • Black Tiger II vs Wild Pegasus (NJPW Hiroshima, Jun '96)
  • Eddy Guerrero vs Sean “Syxx” Waltman (Ladder Match for WCW U.S Title, Souled Out '97)
  • Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr. (WCW Cruiserweight Title vs Mask Match, Halloween Havoc '97)
  • The New Radicals Guererro, Malenko & Saturn vs Too Cool & Chyna (Wrestlemania 2000)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko vs Perry Saturn (WWE European Title Triple Threat, Judgement Day 2000)
  • Guerrero vs Benoit vs Jericho vs X-Pac (WWF Intercontinental Title Fatal-Four Way, No Way Out '01)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Test (WWF European Title, Wrestlemania X-7)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam (WWE Intercontinental Title Ladder Match, Raw May 2002)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Edge (Summerslam '02)
  • Eddie & Chavo vs Angle & Benoit (WWE Tag Title Match, Rebellion '02)
  • Eddie & Chavo vs Benoit & Angle vs Edge & Mysterio (Triple Threat Tag Title Elimination, Survivor Series 2002)
  • Guerrero vs Angle vs Benoit vs Edge (Four-Way Elimination, Smackdown Dec 3rd 2002)
  • Eddie & Chavo vs Benoit & Rhyno vs Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (Triple Threat Tag-Title Match, Wrestlemania XIX)
  • Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri vs Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (Tag Team Title Ladder Match, Judgement Day '03)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit (WWE U.S Title Match, Vengeance '03)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Championship Match, No Way Out '04)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle (WWE Championship Match, Wrestlemania XX)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs JBL (WWE Championship Match, Judgement Day '04)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio (Wrestlemania 21)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio (Custody of Dominick Ladder Match, Summerslam '05)
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Batista (WWE World Heavyweight Championship, No Mercy '05)

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Match Rec:

If for some mad reason you’ve never seen Eddie vs Rey at Halloween Havoc '97 then you should probably rectify that now, it’s one of the greatest matches of all time:


obviously the wwe stuff is more famous but this era in wcw was great too

kept inadvertently costing chavo matches by trying to help, then berating him for it and telling him their nan was being ostracised at the old people’s home because chavo is such a fucking loser, great stuff

making chavo come out in an “eddie guerrero is my favorite wrestler” t-shirt as well, beautiful


I love Eddie but have gone for a 4, the tragic end of his life unfortunately means he never quite had the legendary career he deserved, though he did do some amazing stuff while he was with us.

That said I’d love to check out his New Japan stuff in more depth though

Also him winning the tag belts with Tajiri

  • I remember this
  • I have no knowledge of this

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Would go BIG for a Chavo vote a little further down the line!

Having said that, Eddie’s a pure 5 for me. First wrestler that showed a young mark he could root for a heel. Absolute eye-opener in terms of a deeper love for the business. Black Tiger was my own personal gateway into NJPW et al.

Legendary worker. Probably a questionable guy but his ring-work makes me misty-eyed so…


Going for a 5 as he had the uncanny ability of being the absolute worst human of all time very easily. Proper over the top evil. The kind of evil that makes him incredibly easy to hate - even whilst your admire him.


5 in terms of innovation and storytelling in his matches, also a very versatile character worker. Just a 5 all round actually, could get anyone over


Loved basically everything Eddie did. He was brilliant. Whether as a sly sneaky heel or an easy to root for face. When he won the heavyweight belt the first time was excellent. Loved his pairing with Chyna too, his work with cruisers in WCW, his teaming with Chavo. So many things. Still do not remember his tag run with Tajiri though.

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5 please. My interest in wrestling was never the same after his death. Even if he was working a piece of shit fucking custody of Dominick angle, he was worth watching every week. Even if his in-ring work could be a bit panto villain in its formulaicness (especially when working in the tag division), he was worth it. Such talent

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Hello friends lets have some more Eddie love please

Think this impromptu match is a real sleeper of Raw main events, the promo before it with Eddie talking about how he had to discipline his daughters for having Rock merch was super intense too. Just a clinic and such natural heeling.


5, top at wrestling and a great character. Love it when a nominally heel character becomes so beloved that the crowd pops for their dirty tricks. His world title win against Brock was such an awesome moment, and it was great seeing him outsmart Angle at WM20. His Black Tiger stuff in the BSOJ is great, as was his WCW cruiserweight work.

Taken way too soon, but his last match has a perfect Eddie finish.

Great character to play in wrestling games, too.

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Will close in a bit folks, gonna attempt to play my first game of football in 2020 lol

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Shame there’s not as much chat, but he’s a 5/5. Best character work.


Watching the Benoit Dark Side of the Ring, it was incredibly clear how central Eddie really was for so many of that generation - not only in term of in ring influence but as a (maybe unlikely) leader. His death was way too fast even for coke and pain pills, and the enlarged heart was clearly an arrow to steroids, which let’s be honest you take one look at him and he was constantly on the gas. I feel like as bad as his end was, and it clearly was too much for guys like Benoit and Jericho etc, it meant littler guys stopped playing with those gauntlets as much.


anyone see much of his little indy run in 2002ish? not seen any of it, just know about it from punk enthusing over him in his doco

The first ever ROH show in the wake of ecw folding had Eddie v Super Crazy as a special attraction before they put more indie level guys like Low Ki and Danielson in the main event because that was who they needed to build the company around

Crowd was super hot and they worked reallly well together tbf


Eddie scores a very good 4.28 on 29 votes!

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Who we got next

  • Taka Michinoku
  • 2 Cold Scorpio
  • Dean Malenko
  • Sean Waltman
  • Perry Saturn
  • Too Cool
  • Chyna
  • Test
  • Edge
  • Chavo Guererro
  • JBL
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Batista

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