🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #31 KANE 🔥

So after a great thread honouring the apparent retirement of The Undertaker (thanks, everyone!) we see him score between Flair and Michaels in more or less the same position he got in the top 100 poll…

Wrestler Rating
Chris Jericho (3) 4.69
Kurt Angle (2) 4.55
Mick Foley (10) 4.55
Macho Man Randy Savage (12) 4.37
Stone Cold Steve Austin (1) 4.36
Eddie Guerrero (8) 4.28
Ric Flair (11) 4.23
The Undertaker (7) 4.22
The Steiner Brothers (n/a) 4.22*
Shawn Michaels (6) 4.21
William Regal (18) 4.1
Bret Hart (9) 4.07
Owen Hart (21) 3.95
CM Punk (16) 3.85
The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom (106) 3.74
Booker T (48) 3.72
Charlotte Flair (34) 3.69
Vince McMahon (66) 3.55
Brock Lesnar (30) 3.52
Triple H (13) 3.48
John Cena (17) 3.43
Rob Van Dam (47) 3.4
Becky Lynch (28) 3.2
Ron Simmons (114) 3.18
Big Van Vader (58) 3.17
Shane McMahon (59) 3.17
A.P.A (90) 3.15
Sting (52) 3.12
The Big Boss Man(36) 3.1
Scott Steiner (55) 3.08
Stephanie McMahon (n/a) 2.36
Hulk Hogan (61) 2.33
D-X (n/a) 2.33
JBL (n/a) 1.56


So How Good Was Kane Really?
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“I will snap you like a twig”

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He looks so funny as fake diesel.



Who played Fake Taker or UnderFaker if you will.?
Wonder if the idea of Kane just sprang from that but they didn’t bother giving that guy a chance even though he’d trained as Taker for a good while.

He’s obvs really good but without Taker he’d be nothing so that making it harder to judge.

Went a bit mental with this one but he’s only got a handful of worth matches so enjoy this career retrospective of Glenn Jacobs.

Best Kane Match/Moment
    • Unabom vs The Undertaker (Smokey Mountain Wrestling Superbowl of Wrestling, Aug '95)
    • Isaac Yankem, DDS vs Bret Hart (Summerslam '95)
    • King’s Court - Jerry Lawler, Isaac Yankem, Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Mabel vs The BSK - The Undertaker, Savio Vega, Fatu & Henry O. Godwinn (Survivor Series '95)
    • Fake Diesel & Fake Razor vs Owen Hart & The British Bulldog (WWF Tag Team Title Match, In Your House 12: It’s Time)
    • Kane debuts at Badd Blood during the first Hell in a Cell match!
    • Kane vs Mankind (Survivor Series '97)
    • Kane vs The Undertaker I (Wrestlemania XIV)
    • Kane vs The Undertaker II (Inferno Match, Backlash '98)
    • Kane vs Big “fat piece of shit” Vader (Over the Edge, '98)
    • Kane wins the title for 1 day! vs Austin (WWF World Heavyweight Title First Blood Match, King of the Ring '98)
    • Kane & Mankind vs Austin & Taker (WWF Tag Team Titles Match, Fully Loaded '98)
    • Kane vs Mankind (Hell in a Cell match, RAW Aug 24th '98)
    • Kane vs The Undertaker III (WWF World Heavyweight Title Match with special guest ref Steve Austin, Judgement Day '98)
    • Kane vs The Undertaker IV (Survivor Series '98)
    • Kane vs Triple H (Wrestlemania XV)
    • Kane vs Mr. Ass Billy Gunn (King of the Ring '99)
    • Kane vs The Big Show ref: Hardcore Holly? (Fully Loaded '99)
    • Kane & X-Pac vs The Undertaker & Big Show (WWF Tag Team Titles Match, Summerslam '99)
    • Kane vs X-Pac (Survivor Series '99)
    • Kane & Rikishi vs Road Dogg & X-Pac (Wrestlemania 2000)
    • Kane, The Undertaker & The Rock vs The McMahons & Triple H (WWF World Heavyweight Title 6-man Tag Match)
    • Kane vs The Undertaker V (Summerslam 2000)
    • Kane vs The Undertaker vs The Rock vs Chris Benoit (WWF World Heavyweight Title Fatal-4-Way Match, Unforgiven '00)
    • Kane vs Chris Jericho cup of coffee in the big time feud (Survivor Series, Rebellion, Armageddon 2000)
    • The Brothers of Destruction vs The Dudleys vs Edge & Christian (Triple-Threat Tag Team Titles Match, No Way Out '01)
    • Kane vs Raven vs The Big Show (Triple Thread Hardcore Title Match, Wrestlemania X-7)
    • The Brothers of Destruction vs The Two Man Power Trip (WWF World, Intercontinental & Tag Team Title Match, Backlash '01)
    • Kane vs Triple H (WWF Intercontinental Chain Match, Judgement Day '01)
    • Kane & Spike Dudley vs Bubba & D-Von Dudley (WWF Tag Team Title Match, King of the Ring '01)
    • Team WWF - Kane & The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle & Steve Austin vs The Alliance - Booker T, The Dudleys, DDP & Rhyno (10-person tag match, InVasion '01)
    • The Brothers of Destruction vs DDP & Kanyon (WWF & WCW Tag Team Title Cage Match, Summerslam '01)
    • The Brothers of Destruction vs KroniK (WCW Tag Team Title Match, Unforgiven '01)
    • Kane vs Test (No Mercy '01)
    • Team WWF - Kane & The Undertaker, The Big Show, The Rock, Chris Jericho vs Team Alliance - Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, Booker T & Rob Van Dam (Survivor Series '01)
    • Kane & The Big Show vs The Dudleys (WWF Tag Team Titles Vengeance '01)
    • Kane vs Kurt Angle (Wrestlemania X-8)
    • Team AMERICA - Kane, Goldust, Booker T & Bubba Ray vs The UN-AMERICANS - Christian, Lance Storm, Test & William Regal (Unforgiven '02)
    • Kane (without Hurricane Helms) vs Jericho & Christian vs Bubba & Spike Dudley, Jeff Hardy & RVD - KATIE VICK ALERT! - (WWE Tag Team Titles Fatal-4-Way TLC Match, RAW Oct 7th '02)
    • Kane vs Triple H - KATIE VICK ALERT! - (WWE World Heavyweight & Intercontinental Title Match, No Mercy '02)
    • Kane vs Booker T vs Chris Jericho vs RVD vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (WWE Heavyweight Championship Inaugral Elimination Chamber Match, Survivor Series '02)
    • Kane & RVD vs Lance Storm & William Regal (WWE World Tag Team Titles, No Way Out '03)
    • Kane vs Rob Van Dam (No Holds Barred, Summerslam '03)
    • Kane vs Shane McMahon’s balls (Last Man Standing, Unforgiven '03/ Ambulance Match, Survivor Series '03)
    • Kane vs Triple H vs Goldberg (WWE World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match, Armageddon '03)
    • Kane vs The Undertaker VI (Wrestlemania XX)
    • Kane vs Chris Benoit (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match, Bad Blood '04)
    • Kane vs Matt Hardy ("'Til Death Do Us Part" Match, Summerslam '04)
    • Kane vs Shawn Michaels (No DQ Match, Unforgiven '04)
    • Kane vs Edge vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Christian vs Shelton Benjamin (Inaugural Money in the Bank Match, Wrestlemania 21)
    • Kane vs John Cena vs Carlito vs Chris Masters vs Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels (WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match, New Year’s Revolution '06)
    • Kane & The Big Show vs Carlito & Chris Masters(!) (WWE World Tag Team Title Match, Wrestlemania 22)
    • Kane vs Fake Kane! (See No Evil promo match, Vengeance '06)
    • Kane vs Umaga (Unforgiven '06)
    • Kane vs King Booker (No Way Out '07)
    • Kane vs The Great Khali (Wrestlemania 23)
    • Kane vs The Great Khali vs Batista (WWE World Heavyweight Triple Threat Match, Great American Bash '07)
    • Kane vs Finlay (Summerslam '07)
    • Kane vs MVP (USA Title Match, Armageddon '07)
    • Kane & C.M Punk(!) vs Big Daddy V & Mark Henry (Armageddon '07)
    • Kane & C.M Punk vs Miz & Morrison (WWE Tag Team Titles Match, Judgement Day '08)
    • Kane vs The Big Show vs Mark Henry (“ECW” World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match, Night of Champions '08)
    • Kane vs Edge vs Chris Jericho vs John Cena vs Mike Knox (lol) vs Rey Mysterio (WWE World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match, No Way Out '09)
    • Kane vs C.M Punk vs Christian vs Finlay vs Kofi Kingston vs Mark Henry vs MVP vs Shelton Benjamin, Money in the Bank match, Wrestlemania XXV)
    • Kane vs The Great Khali (Summerslam '09 & Singapore Cane Breaking Point '09)
    • Kane vs Drew McIntyre (WWE Intercontinental Title Match, Elimination Chamber '10)
    • Kane vs Jack Swagger vs Christian vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Evan Bourne vs Kofi Kingston vs Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs Shelton Benjamin (Money in the Bank Match, Wrestlemania XXVI)
    • Kane vs Christian vs Cody Rhodes vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston vs Matt Hardy vs The Big Show (Money in the Bank Match, MITB '10)
    • Kane vs Rey Mysterio (WWE Championship Match, Summerslam '10)
    • Kane vs The Undertaker VII, VIII & IX (WWE World Heavyweight Title No Holds Barred, Hell in a Cell & Buried Alive Matches, Night of Champions, Hell in a Cell & Bragging Rights '10)
    • Kane vs Edge (WWE Championship Match, Survivor Series '10)
    • Kane vs Edge vs Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio (WWE World Heavyweight Fatal-4-Way TLC Match, TLC '10)
    • Kane vs Edge vs Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio vs The Big Show vs Wade Barrett (WWE World Heavyweight Elimination Chamber Match, EC '11)
    • Kane, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella & The Big Show vs THE CORRE - Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel & Wade Barrett (8-Man Tag Match, Wrestlemania XXVII)
    • Kane & The Big Show vs C.M Punk & Mason Ryan(!) (WWE Tag Team Title Match, Over the Limit '11)
    • Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes vs Heath Slater vs Justin Gabriel vs Sheamus vs Sin Cara vs Wade Barrett (Smackdown Money in the Bank Match '11)
    • Kane vs John Cena (Royal Rumble '12)
    • Kane vs Randy Orton (Wrestlemania XXVIII)
    • Kane vs C.M Punk vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship Triple Threat Match, No Way Out '12)
    • Kane vs Daniel Bryan (Summerslam '12)
    • Team Hell No Kane & Daniel Bryan vs The Awesome Truth Miz & R-Truth (WWE Tag Team Titles Match, Night of Champions '12)
    • Team Hell No vs The Rhodes Scholars Cody & Damian Sandow (WWE Tag Team Titles Match, Hell in a Cell '12)
    • Team Hell No & Ryback vs The Shield (TLC 3 on 3 Match, TLC '12)
    • Team Hell No vs The Rhodes Scholars (WWE Tag Team Titles Match, Royal Rumble '13)
    • Team Hell No vs Big E Langston & Dolph Ziggler (WWE Tag Team Titles Match, Wrestlemania 29)
    • Team Hell No vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (WWE Tag Team Titles Tornado Tag Match, Extreme Rules '13)
    • Kane vs Dean Ambrose (U.S Title Match, Payback '13)
    • Kane vs Bray Wyatt (Ring of Fire Match, Summerslam '13)
    • Kane & The New Age Outlaws (lol) vs The Shield (Wrestlemania XXX)
    • Kane vs Daniel Bryan (WWE World Heavyweight Extreme Rules Match, Extreme Rules '14)
    • Kane vs John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio vs Cesaro vs Bray Wyatt (WWE World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match, Money in the Bank '14)
    • Team Authority - Corporate Kane, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Rusev & Seth Rollins vs Team Cena - John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, Ryback & The Big Show (Survivor Series '14)
    • Kane vs Ryback (Chairs Match, TLC '14)
    • Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale match (Wrestlemania 31, 32 & 34)
    • Kane vs Seth Rollins (WWE Championship or Corporate Kane is fired Hell in a Cell Match, HIAC '15)
    • The Brothers of Destruction vs The Wyatt Family (Survivor Series '15)
    • Kane, Braun Strowman, Cesaro, Sheamus & The Miz vs The Shield (Handicap TLC Match, TLC '17)
    • Kane vs Braun Strowman vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Universal Championship Triple Threat Match, Royal Rumble '18)
    • Team Hell No vs The Wyatt Family (WWE Smackdown Tag Titles Match, Extreme Rules '18)
    • Kane is Elected Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee - Aug '18
    • The Brothers of Destruction vs D-X (Crown Jewel Saudi Arabia '18)

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Can we make sure the polls are a bit more thorough going forward, please?


all explained here:

I may have overdone it with this one :smiley:

Brian Lee I think?

Eyes glazed over after a certain point reading that match list tbh.
That Katie Vick thing. Eugh.

Quite like the show that they put on for Kane, but he’s not a particularly great wrestler really


Wasn’t theere some wild plan at one point to reveal that Kane was the real Undertaker or some such nonsense and the Undertaker we all knew had basically tried to kill him and steal his life?


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this was way bigger than I was expecting but then I realised he was on TV pretty consistently for 20 years and was involved in so many bollix feuds. He’s also rinse repeated the same “Kane has a tag partner you don’t expect and then has a match with them” cycle with X-Pac, Rob Van Dam, Hurricane Helms, The Big Show, C.M Punk & Daniel Bryan. Technically even The Undertaker. Fuck’s sake.


Definitely nothing to do with mild mannered Gregory Helms.

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I quite like that they even recycled some Undertaker plots for him.
Fake Kane!

Has Kane ever fought The Fiend.
I want the supernatural characters to have some crazy ott fight even if its a prerecorded thing like the Boneyard fight.

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I need to go for a walk because this was a bit much but Kane’s one of the best characters they ever devised - someone kids on the playground were genuinely quite terrified of back in the day - and yet has no good singles matches to his name other than involvement in Royal Rumble matches (probably the greatest Royal Rumble participant to never win it), Elimination Chamber Matches, Money in the Bank matches etc and completely lost his mystique and direction when he de-masked. His only actually decent run was with Daniel Bryan, but there’s so much shite out there. So I’m giving him a 3.


Well this is what we were talking about for Taker’s potential last match but yeah it could also work with Kane plus it would be revenge for this:

Mask Kane - good
no mask bald man Kane - bad


Yeah that’s the shit I want.
The Fiend and a possessed accomplice vs Undertaker and Kane. Heck Kane could be under Fiends influence.
Taker fights him in a real match/Firefly Funhouse/ Boneyard cgi fest where they use their supernatural powers.
Ends with Taker beating Fiend and freeing Kane but he has sacrificed himself.
For this to work the need to ramp UP fiends abilities and power and basically make WWE dark as fuck and Takers the last hope.
Fiend can return down the line but he could never be as powerful again.

“Hello, Vince?”