📺 How Good Was it Really: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 📺

Don’t we have this thread already?

Enjoyed the comedy and fun of the early series but then it got a but super serious when the ma died and everyone was crying for ages.

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Favourite bit was her shagging invisible Spike


Can’t even fucking stream this anywhere

I’m not buying any box sets

never seen it



We had/have a thread about Buffy, but not a ‘HGWIR’ thread.

yeah, I’m guessing that no Buffy naysayers entered that thread, so it’s worth doing this so we can have some beeves

I call for DiSsers who give bad ratings to shows they haven’t even seen to be BANNED on the SPOT.


it’s on amazon prime if that’s any use to you

I know that, just figured it had already been discussed a lot recently. But obviously fine to discuss again…

Never seen it, looks awful.

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It seemed really progressive at the time, and was definitely A Good Thing, but looking back at it, some of its gender politics are very icky.

Also, Riley was so boring.

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Omg @anon35600300 get an Amazon prime 30 day free trial and have an incredible month!

i give good ratings to some shows i haven’t seen and bad reviews to others


don’t try and do angel at the same time, you’ll never make it (I tried this)

I’ve never watched an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Riley is very widely regarded as The Worst.
I liked him in his first few episodes, he was quite sweet figuring out he liked Buffy and the whole both having secret identities was quite sexy.
Then he quickly turned into a boring, tedious douche.

no strong opinions on buffy (the silent one was kinda cool though)

but I HATED angel


No, please do. Just don’t go out at the weekend for the whole of April. You won’t regret it @anon35600300
They are best watched alongside each other imho. Especially for the crossover eps.


Just remembered the musical episode and have docked it a point accordingly