📺 How Good Was it Really: Megathread 1 (US Comedies) 📺

It’s amazing that even within the lifetime of the show’s run it felt like attitudes to Barney went from “wahey, hilarious douchey womaniser, what is he like!” to “This man is a danger, he is toxic, he’s functionally a rapist, how can this be funny”.

I obviously can’t defend the show based on him.

But I think the overall narrative, the clever structures, recurring jokes, flashbacks, etc etc were all incredible. And the ending. FIGHT ME.


Pretty much perfect from start to finish. Hank is one of the most perfectly written and acted characters in the history of tv (even if Jeffrey Tambor is a dick).



If you take him out of the equation, it deserves to be remembered as the better mass audience show of it’s era rather than second place to The Big Bang Theory.

How I met your mother is comfortably worse than new girl, which in turn is quite quite shit


While true, ‘better than the big bang theory’ is always going to be the absolute faintest praise


Thought I might manage to get more than a minute before being called out on that!

HIMYM was so much more ambitious than a trad sitcom like BBT. The only comparable thing I think was Coupling, which is also sorely overlooked.


Yeah never really got all the hype about Community, had some ok bits but was absolutely burdened with really crap pop culture references, always seemed to think it was a lot more clever than it was. Plus idk was it trying for the warm, likeable characters thing like Parks and Rec but they were all arseholes so that didn’t work.

When it was good it was like a slightly goofier IASIP, where all of the characters were pretty dreadful and the programme knew it. Then it decided it wanted you to care about them but didn’t really give you a reason to, it also became far less funny.

Parks and rec isn’t at all funny but its generally nice and enjoyable fluff


Real struggle with Scrubs. That golden year when I first encountered it and it seemed amazing is offset by how quickly it palled and all the shit seasons they did

Eastbound and down please


Note to sitcoms:

Don’t run more than 3 seasons/series unless you’re EXCELLENT. Even then, you should stop at 6 at the very, very most. Honestly.

Scrubs is a weird show. Amazing how awful and saccharine it could be. That Brendan Fraser episode! What the fuck!


Will & Grace is the best show on there

Tried watching Community but found it unbearably smug.

Quite like Parks & Rec but that last series was dreadful

is it


and vice principals pls jukey

and the league


no good US comedies sorry