📺 How Good Was it Really?: Spaced and Big Train 📺

Rank Show Rating
1 I’m Alan Partridge 4.79
2 Brass Eye 4.78
3 The Day Today 4.74
4 The Thick of It 4.69
5 Father Ted 4.65
6 Peep Show 4.58
7 Shooting Stars 4.28
8 The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer 4.22
9 Big Night Out 4.14
10 Nathan for You 4.13
11 Seinfeld 4.09
12 The Office UK 4.07
13 Futurama 3.97
14 Jam 3.97
15 Bang Bang! It’s Reeves and Mortimer 3.94
16 Nathan Barley 3.94
17 Fawlty Towers 3.89
18 Knowing Me, Knowing You 3.84
19 Mid Morning Matters 3.8
20 Limmy’s Show 3.77
21 Catterick 3.76
22 Red Dwarf 3.66
23 The League of Gentlemen 3.64
24 Veep 3.63
25 House of Fools 3.51
26 The Office US 3.48
27 The Weekenders 3.24
28 Monty Python’s Flying Circus 3.22
29 Malcolm in the Middle 3.18
30 Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) 3.09
31 Psychoville 3.01
32 Friends 2.98
33 Fresh Meat 2.98
34 Mr. Bean 2.94
35 Only Fools and Horses 2.94
36 That Mitchell and Webb Look 2.9
37 The Mighty Boosh 2.73
38 Rock Profile 2.67
39 Goodnight Sweetheart 2.11
40 Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy 1.63
R Miranda 1.49
R Little Britain 1.27
R Come Fly With Me 1.13


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Big Train:

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let’s do the Cornetto Trilogy while we’re here shall we?


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Gave Spaced a 4. Loved it at the time and rewatched it a lot but it hasn’t aged all that well, and it’s just a bit annoying now.
Big Train is a 5 all day. Will never get tired of watching it. The starting contest, Prince etc are all great but there’s a lot of brilliant stuff hidden away, like the guy who wants to buy the Ritz and rename it the Titz. The smug man who can’t open doors is a personal favourite, along with the Virginia Plain sketch and this, this is just the best

4, 3, 2 for the films.


Loved Spaced at the time. Not sure how it would hold up but think I’ll give it 5 anyway.

Never seen more than the odd clip of Big Train as sketch comedy just isn’t my thing (no vote).

Films I felt just really missed Jessica Hynes or at least some female input - all gets a bit Pegg/Frost bromance - Shaun a bit meh, actively disliked most of Hot Fuzz, World’s End actually liked a lot more but I think it would be silly to claim it’s anything more than just a likeable rainy Sunday afternoon film. So probably 2,1,3?

Not seen big train. Spaced has its moments but was probs more revered than it ought to have been and aged pretty badly. Was probably too young to be part of it at the time and watching it years later is obviously a different thing. 3.

4, 2 and not seen for the cornetto trilogy

Not gonna hog the thread all day with loads of clips but these are fucking great


Both have a great first series 5/5 and a slightly crap second 3/5. 4/5 overall

Shaun 4
Hot fuzz 2

Never saw the world’s end but bet it’s a 1

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“STREETS OF voice breaks slightly LONDON!!!


Here to post thus


I think Spaced is absolutely tremendous but it probably speaks to the fact I watched it when it came out and it seemed aimed directly at me.

‘Jar Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like…fucking… Shaft’

I’ll forever love it.


Just checking, they have told you that I’m an evil hypnotist?


SPACED is a solid 5. First time I felt like someone had made a comedy aimed squarely at my sense of humour. It was funny, clever and odd without being zany.

I guess reference comedy has been done to death now but it felt fresh at the time.

I can quote it all and I’ve seen it a million times.

Big Train was patchy but great in the highlights. Sean and Fuzz get 5s, World’s End a generous 3.


Loved Spaced. I was exactly the right age for it, living a similar lifestyle to the heroes (not as funny though). Putting on my best seductive voice and saying “Hello Brian” every time I open a bottle of red /5.

Shaun was also great, perhaps slightly dulled by familiarity but it was made with so much love for the Romero classics that I can’t help but give it a five. The other two films are likeable, but not at the same level.

Only dipped into Big Train. ‘Salright.


Not sure about grouping these together. Obviously the Simon Pegg/Mark Heap link, but that’s it.

Also is anyone going to mention the Linehan Big Train thing? It’s probably the best ever sketch show, bit he’s certainly a fucker.

Big Train was/is my favourite sketch show and this is probably the best sketch, for me.

This one is great, too:

I loved Spaced as well at the time, but it hasn’t stuck in my memory to the same extent.


5-4-5-5-3, though I’ve not watched Big Train that much. Basically what @sadpunk said, though I was probably still at school when Spaced first came out.

This thread has made me want to listen to Roxy Music.

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