📺 How Good Was it Really: This Life 📺

Firstly, how did Skins do?

Get ready for some seething, lads :wink:

Show Rating
I’m Alan Partridge 4.79
The Wire 4.75
Seinfeld 4.09
The Office UK 4.07
Breaking Bad 4.01
Friday Night Lights 3.89
Fawlty Towers 3.89
Knowing Me, Knowing You 3.84
Mid Morning Matters 3.8
The League of Gentlemen 3.64
The Office US 3.48
The X-Files 3.19
Malcolm in the Middles 3.18
Gilmore Girls 3.09
Psychoville 3.01
Mr. Bean 2.94
Only Fools and Horses 2.94
Skins 2.46
Lost 2.39
Goodnight Sweetheart 2.11

This Life was first broadcast 23 years ago. Mad that isn’t it. BUT HOW GOOD WAS IT REALLY?

This Life +10 doesn’t count as it’s not part of the main series and also never existed.

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I have never heard of this television programme


Fave character?

    • Egg
    • Milly
    • Anna
    • Miles
    • Warren
    • Ferdy
    • Martin Freeman when he drinks Egg’s piss from a can

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No one will have seen this except the properly old.


not seen it so have voted on the basis of that photo

Fancied Anna a LOT…


I was just thinking about this programme the other day and wished that there was a HGWIR. I haven’t seen it for years but i remember all of the characters (with the exceptions of Egg…possibly) were all awful. Especially Miles & Milly.

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Fancied Miles a lot which I think says a lot about my subsequent choice of boyfriends. The wedding/punch scene was one of the finest ever in tv.


They were all lawyers, m8. What do you expect?

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It is my mum’s favourite ever programme tbf

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Anna was really full of herself and incredibly annoying. Obviously, her bravado masked a deep insecurity.

it had an excellent theme tune too


This tune pops into my head very regularly.

Before Gervais used his powers solely for evil…

A then largely unknown Ricky Gervais, partner of producer Jane Fallon, was credited as "Music Advisor" for the series, and it was he who commissioned the theme tune, written by The Way Out. In 2000 BBC Music issued a compilation CD featuring the theme tune and songs from the 1990s by bands including: Blur, The Charlatans, The Lightning Seeds, Pulp, Jamiroquai, Manic Street Preachers, Suede, Oasis, The Divine Comedy, Everything but the Girl, New Order, Skunk Anansie, The Clash, Happy Mondays, The Prodigy and Supergrass.

i played it almost note for note at a band rehearsal last year as a “new song” i’d written, our other guitarist took great pleasure in informing me of my mistake…

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please don’t ruin this for me

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As i recall, Warren had a Suede ‘Coming Up’ poster on his wall (as did I - free with Select magazine).


Think this was the first “adult” programme that I watched from start to finish when it was airing. Missed the last episode with the wedding as was on holiday in Ireland which didn’t have BBC (HOW DID WE COPE?) and in pre-internet times had to wait for it to be shown on UK GOLD 2 years later.

Re-watched it about 10 years ago and it had not aged well, perhaps unsurprisingly, but Anna remained the absolute snorting-coke-off-the-photocopier-whilst-at-work best.


Annoyingly the Adam & Joe pisstake, Stuff This Life, appears to have been removed from YouTube.

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So many strange replies in this thread. Really weird behaviour.

It was the first time i’d saw gay characters on TV at all really, especially intimate scenes between gay characters, or even young(ish) people taking drugs.

I think it’s as good a TV series as we’ve seen in this country, and pretty important. On the face of it - a bunch of young lawyers in London - it shouldn’t have appealed to me, but the characters were so real and so flawed it sort of transcended the central premise of the show.

Milly and Ferdy were the best and most genuine characters.