How long do you reckon you could survive for if you were home alone and you were suddenly locked in?

You have running water for the next twenty four hours and then it is permanenly off.
Your house is sealed from any deliveries etc from any life.
Your electricity and gas will continue to work for the duration (so you get telly, I’m not a monster).
Some other arbitrary rules as and when I think of them.

Got plenty of food that I could make last around a month, at least, I reckon.

Water would be the issue though. Suppose I’d fill the sinks, the bath, all the saucepans, mugs and glasses and the couple of buckets we’ve got and see how long that lasts.

Probably just end it after a hour or so tbh


That’s a shame, I was going to let you out after 90 minutes.


Plant pots, tins, other shit. Houses are full of stuff that can hold water. Freezer bags… other things

How many tins of coconut milk and chickpeas do I have?

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yeah man, that’s the spirit.

I’d probably nip down the local hardware shop and get a shit load of buckets before the 24 hours of running water runs out too

I’d be wanting to break out, obviously. What are the rules on this, please, @anon29812515 ?

How am I supposed to know. Post me your keys and I’ll take a look.

You can’t leave! Or escape!
@urbanfox @TheWza

Alright Dave Grohl.

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Taxi’s on its way.

Nice one Theo!

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Only mature thing to do.

Thanks Ant.

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do I have garden access?

Can we dig our way out?

I take it that the toilet doesn’t flush any more?

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reckon I’ve got enough containers to get about 125 litres of water into storage, plus I probably have an existing 10 litres of fluids that can be put to use. I have a friend who did this thing where they only used 15 litres of water a day for a year, and it seemed manageable. Plus she had to wash and flush the toilet. If I dispense with those luxuries we can call it 7.5 litres a day, and that will mean my supply lasts 18 days.

In fact I just checked the guidance and it’s 2.2 litres of drinking water a day. Seeing as we’re in a survival situation I could reduce that but make an allowance for cooking (see below) and leave it at that. That pushes me up to 61 days.

We bulk buy a lot of our dry goods so food would probably not be an issue before water was. (Although a lot of that - rice, lentils etc - is water dependent so would need to be a bit careful).

I’m assuming/politely requesting that my family have made it out before the doors lock and I don’t have to keep them alive too.

You do not!