How many books are you currently reading? (NOT a Rolling thread)



Inspired by something @Slicky mentioned

How many books are you currently reading? What are they? Is there a reason you’ve got more than one/only one on the go?

Tell me all about your general reading habits!

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Was reading somewhere in the region of two books a month before I moved and started walking to work. Haven’t read a single book since. Annoying really.


I don’t think I’ve ever started a new book without finishing the previous.


Only ever have one book on the go at a time, but will read newspapers, websites, magazines, comics etc alongside it.


4 books on the go myself at the moment

  • On my Kindle: one of Martin Cruz Smith’s Arkady Renko series (I forget which one - it’s the least enjoyable I’ve read tbh)
  • A Paperback copy of book 4 of the Millennium Series. Nearly finished this - Mrs Z bought it second hand because she wanted to know what happens, so I need to report back to her soon. Surprisingly enjoyable; better than books 2 and 3 I think.
  • A dull technical book about Java 8 I’ve had on the go since January. I really should finish it soon.
  • A really good one about Anxiety I found in Foyles last month. Has been really helpful, but I put it down about three weeks ago and I haven’t gone back to it yet.


Have on occasion stopped part way through one if something more interesting has caught my attention. Usually only do that with books I’ve read before though. Recently started Grapes of Wrath and read two (2) other books before finishing it. That’s quite unusual though.

You’re welcome.

  1. City and the City by China Mieville - got a sudden recommendation by someone involved in One Of My Projects ™ who suggested it would be helpful to further the cause. So nearly finished.

  2. Ellroy’s LA Quartet is what i WAS reading before i got that recommendation.

  3. Book on how to best use my camera, coz i’m learning about photographs innit


I have a David Conn book on the go, and started a bit of a nonsense war fiction book over the weekend.

I tend to go through phases with reading - occasionally voraciously, sometimes going weeks without touching a book.

When I split with my ex and moved my books out, I found 23 had bookmarks at differing stages of partial completeness.

Edit - sorry, replied in the wrong place.


Been terrible at reading since I stopped getting the train to work. Like my reading rate has gone from 20-30 books a year down to like… 3-5, if that :confused:

Terrible stuff. Need to read at lunch / in the evenings more.


Never read more than one at a time unless it’s fiction and non-fiction, can’t deal with getting those characters mixed up in my head man.


Relevant as I usually only have one on the go, but unusually actually have two on the go right now…



Reason? Was reading the first one on my commute on the rare days that I don’t cycle to work, but then on Sunday had to wait four hours for the RAC to come out and fix my car and bought the second in order to bide the time…




Simply cannot read more than one book at a time. Gotta savour that narrative without distraction.

Have just started Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye and after that I’ve got E. M. Forster’s Passage to India lined up.


CCRU collected writings

Capitalist Realism

and The Book of Five Rings since I seem to read far too much post modernism these days


Did you go back to those?


Most of them, I think, yeah.


I answered 9+ because I’m really good at starting books but not very good at finishing them (though I do intend to read them all)


My reading habits have gone to shit since I got a smartphone. Fuck smartphones.

Trying to finish this:

Just starting this:


Still slogging through this:


I usually have loads on the go. A combination of library/my own physical copies/e-reader books, so they’re always there. Can barely go a day without reading for a bit, and will often have different genres on the go that serve different moods and currently have:

A game of thrones re-read
Out by Natsuo kirino re-read
Clever girl by Tessa Hadley
Stay with me by ayobami adebayo
Salammbo by Flaubert (racist shite in many ways but it’s research)


I demand a list!