How new artists promote their music

As we all know, the internet is changing the dynamic of music promotion dramatically. An artist may gain traction through hundreds of different ways. As avid listeners to new and good music, how does someone like me share a song, that he knows people will like, with the ENTIRE world?

I am an aspiring artist based in Georgia, and here is a link to my first song Stream 2:30 (Unfinished Edition) by Eric Abel | Listen online for free on SoundCloud . Suggestions are super appreciated.

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No idea

YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, really any social media platform~

Sing really loud


post / username interface

don’t think you can really, you’re just destined to fail and be miserable about your life unless you’re already rich and connected.

If you looking for promotion for your music I own a small music promotion company here in the UK called West Star Music Promotions and would welcome your music, we have 2 internet radio stations where we can air your music called West star Radio and Club Sparta Fm which both have been promoting signed and unsigned music for many years now

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