🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 16: GREGGS

Morning! Time for the first food outlet in the series. I’ll be dropping these in occasionally from now on I think.

Here’s the league

Food Score
Curry 9.35
Pizza 8.86
Chips 8.26
Sandwich 8.10
Fry Up 8.05
Burger 8.00
Roast Dinner 7.80
Chocolate 7.71
Ice Cream 7.43
Doughnut 6.73
Soup 6.56
Cake 6.54
Pasty 6.33
Sweets 5.97
Pringles 5.63

And now Greggs. How much do you like Greggs, out of, let’s say, 10?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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Hits the spot very often but it’s nothing to lose your mind over. 7. GVSR is a godsend though.


not that great but i miss living in a country with a wide range of cheap and readily available pasties
did they stop doing the vegetable pasty? sad if true, it’s not vegan but preferred it to the vegan sausage roll



  • Sausage roll (meat and vegan)
  • Chicken bake
  • Jam doughnut


  • any of their iced doughnuts
  • the coffee
  • every non VSR veggie option

Greggs is one of only two places I can walk to from here for lunch so I’ve had pretty much everything they do. If there were more options I wouldn’t go often.

It’s fine if you’re somewhere a bit bleak and need something broadly reliable. I don’t really get the love for it on here. 5/10.


Do you work where I work?

What’s your Greggs order?

Sausage roll
Fudge doughnut (obviously)
Irn bru extra

Used to be the chicken New Orleans sandwich or the prawn oval bite but they sadly got rid of both

10/10 for the doughnut, 8/10 overall

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Haha no.

I was particularly thinking of a few months ago when I was at an all day course in Huntingdon. Ended up in Gregg’s.

Sausage roll
Steak bake
Corned beef pasty
Fudge doughnut

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Can’t give it more than a 5 due to all the meat involved.

Gone for a 6. Whilst the hot food is generally decent, the cold food and coffee really let them down. Good innovation in making the GVSR and GVSB widely available and reasonably cheap.

It’s the definition of a 7/10.


2 x Chicken bake
2 x sausage roll
Can of coke
Maybe a Belgian bun


has the vegan steak bake been unleashed?

Yep and it was super salty. The vegan sausage roll was far superior

not happy that the pizza slices are square instead of triangles. 6/10. Price and convenience is good VSR is good. the outlet at the end of my road makes me annoyed when I have to pay full price in the normal shops too.

1 when cold
8 when warm

7/10. Dont @ me.

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2 Belgian buns

Is that not exactly the same for pizza, curry, sandwiches though? And fry ups and burgers and roast dinners? This is a weird argument tbh.

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