I can’t make polls anymore

Any time I try to make a poll it goes into this weird loop of opening the poll pop up, jumping up the page, generally freaking out. Hard to describe, sorry. Anyone else?

Using Safari.

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Have you got any sort of vpn or ad blocker app?

Yeah same, the poll popup box goes off the page

But if I click ‘Done’ the keyboard disappears and the box comes back

Then I can click into the box and everything’s in the right place

Bleeding iphones. I’ll try and look tonight.



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Weirdly, I can’t reproduce on my work iPhone, but I’ve adjusted the CSS slightly. Can someone who had the problem do a refresh of the page (scroll to the top of the page and drag down) and try again to see if it’s made any difference?

  • Not jumping around now
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  • Will let you know if it crops up again (maybe it’s a longer thread thing?)
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I’ve got DiS as a home screen bookmark (web app?) and it’s still doing it (deleted and re-added the bookmark), but it doesn’t do it in normal safari. The workaround I mentioned above is easy enough though so not particularly bothered.

Don’t know why, but I read this as


:+1: Will try again when I get a chance and see if I can work it out.

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