I don't know why I put on the Tom Morello album

Hell lets just say the guest features got my interest piqued because on paper it seems like a complete disaster. It is the most perplexing and awful thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Yes Tom Morello is doing Bro-Step/Funk/Rap Rock fusion on this record

A fascinating car crash

Guests include Knife Party, Bassnectar, Killer Mike, Big Boi, Portugal The Man, Vic Mensa, Marcus Mumford, Pretty Lights, GZ, RZA and a bunch of other people.

Its fucking terrible

Well known for being a big player in all of those genres


It also has the worst cover art I’ve seen in… forever

As a former ratm fanatic this has made me sad…have always avoided all his solo stuff as well as prophets of rage…and will likely give Zach s solo stuff a swerve too if it ever sees the light of day

:grinning: Incredible


Nah, it’s being produced by El-P so chances are it’ll be fucking brilliant


Ah I didn’t know this…may need to reconsider

This is his debut solo album. It’s much worse than Prophets of Rage which was pretty bad. I got hopes for Zac, his appearance at the end of Run The Jewels shows he can still deliver with energy and commitment and EL-P is producing. Tom Morello just seems very out of touch, this album in particular sounds like it would’ve been released ten years ago and even then would have been considered trend chasing.

Really liked that track but nothing surfaced since

He’s released a few solo albums as The Nightwatchman but your point still stands, they were poor and sounded dated even for the time.

Ah yeah my mistake, I was thinking of the nightwatchmen as previous solo stuff


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Not enough Tom Morello way wah guitar after it drops imho

How about this one?

Fuck me the revolution is dead if we’re calling him in to help.

Love a bit of Ratm but they don’t half go fucking awol when the Republicans are in power (ie when they’re needed most).

Revolution seems alive to me

God this song is absolute toilet. Even compared to the Brostep up thread

The revolution will not be televised, it WILL be wearing a waistcoat though.

Oh God these are the worst sounding drums ever

Maybe not the ‘Hendrix of now’ thing he had in mind. Disappointingly awful. Ears shat on from a great height by the hippobird on the cover.