I just got a peanutbutter oreo cadbury dairly milk bar

  • It’ll be great
  • It’ll be okay
  • It’ll be crap
  • This isn’t poll worthy

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I got a pack of Oreo peanut butter ice cream sandwiches yesterday, bit of a let down, peanut butters strength isn’t as a flavour


Peanbut Butter ice cream is a bit pants, I agree

At least the ones I’ve tried, I’m sure there is an amazing one out there


it’s almost impossible for dairly milk to taste bad. but it won’t be stellar that’s for sure


that sounds like a lot of things, too many things perhaps but im willing to be open minded and meet you halfway on this issue

kind regards,


The magnums are good and I hate mangums normally, but they include a layer of actual peanut butter. Seem to have been replaced by coconut this year though


BTW it’s shit, tastes like plastic


Yeah I enjoyed that magnum




Yeah good point, those are really good


There is this weird synthetic after taste to the filling that reminds me a bit of plastic




I’m going for disappointment. Sounds too much and it’ll all become one average bland mess. Always been disappointed with Oreo-flavoured things (other than actual Oreos).


i’ve had this bar and it was disgusting

and I like dairy milk, oreos and peanut butter. Don’t know how they managed to mess it up really


Yup, it’s proper grim. I threw it away


I hate ate all of mine

You are a better man than me