I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

I couldn’t see a thread about this. Apologies if I’m wrong. A few people mentioned it in another thread which is why I watched it, and I can’t thank you enough. Deserves its own thread.

Have you seen it? Did you like it? Which sketches in particular? Personally, I’ve watched the “get the waiter to tell the date not to eat all the fully loaded nachos, ends up with him saying “what” in an increasingly amusing way” sketch about 8 times, and I still find it hilarious.


(It’s the best show I hope there is more)


Honk if you’re horny absolutely did me.

Controversially, the consumer focus one Cheggy referenced left me a bit cold.

On the whole, very good though.

Saw a couple of episodes. Some of it was quite funny, some not at all.

Not for me I think.


Really liked the airplane revenge one though. Satisfying punchline.


Love it. I think my favourite is the one with the door that goes both ways. Love the editing, the eye contact and the drool.
“I was here yesterday. It does both”


Turned it off when I realised it was a sketch show and I hadnt laughed once (third sketch in)

Stuart Heritage slagged that sketch off for being too obvious and it solidified my distrust of his writing

Loved this show btw, the culmination of the office YouTube sketch had me in pain laughing

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Who is Stuart Heritage and why is he so wrong all of the time?
What a twerp.


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Reminds me a bit of Limmys Show but not as good

Did love this sketch though

Will be better than the English remake that comes out on halloween.

I think you should leave with Tommy Robinson


It’s half v good
And half total shit

Looks to the referee

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I agree with this. He’s basically a bit weird, and if you’re not on board with the overall mood you’ll absolutely hate it.


I love him

Youpoooorrnn, xtuuuuuuube


Nothing has made me laugh more than this show in years. 2/3 sketches are good and about half of those have me absolutely howling.

Car focus group was an early favourite but ‘the bones are their money’ is creeping up there now.

Love that the whole thing is under two hours long. Have rewatched once and will watch many more times.


I’d forgotten this. Am doing a full rewatch tonight.

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‘Homegrown Simpsons stuff’


Finally watched the Tim Robinson episode of ‘The Characters’ and obviously it is hilarious