New album due. First single is incredible:

Just got a ticket to the Scala show.


Excellent stuff.


Great song that. Sounds like early Nick Cave. Their last album seems to have slipped past me


Been listening back to Plowing Into the Field of Love over the last few days. It’s so great. Pretty exciting to catch them live later this year.


Is everyone pro Iceage again now?


I didn’t get into them until the third album so totally missed all of this. :man_shrugging:
I dunno, it seems like they denied it pretty consistently.


tbh I barely remember any of it since I didn’t really like what I’d heard in the first place


ma0sm was down on iceage before being down on iceage was popular.


Should I revisit? Anyone got a Best Of The Iceage playlist I can peruse?


I’ll try to put one together a bit later using the other thread’s rules, but in the meantime it will definitely have this one.


they literally did go away


of the new stuff I heard at their Haven set last year, Nick Cave definitely seems like the general direction with this album (some krautrock-y stuff too)


Here’s a quick shot at it. I think they’re worth revisiting. My biggest gripe with them is their tendency to derail otherwise good songs with a section of slow, repetitive, ugly-sounding notes. It grinds them to a halt.
Sometimes his vocals can feel a bit too moan-y as well.

The first album hasn’t aged well for me (it feels like they had a “sound” but the songwriting hadn’t developed yet), the second one is great and remains the one I want to listen to the most, and the third is also great, adding some more varied songwriting at the expense of some of the looseness and energy.

  • White Ruin
  • New Brigade
  • Ecstasy
  • Coalition
  • Burning Hand
  • In Haze
  • Morals
  • Everything Drifts
  • How Many
  • Forever
  • Simony
  • Plowing Into the Field of Love

A couple thoughts:

  • You’re Nothing” should be on there over something on the other two albums, but the first half of that album is already taking up half of the playlist.
  • Aside from “Simony” and “Plowing Into the Field of Love”, the other two spots for that album are pretty much a crapshoot and would change on any given day. Those two just happened to stand out today.


No idea. Had never heard of them before a mention a couple of days ago in another thread.


still think theyre most likely racist/bad. that 3rd album is proper good tho. steal their new one!


Thanks for this, will give it a whirl!




If the years since that original thread have reinforced anything to me its that a lot of those edgy kids being edgy were actually pretty fucking sincere in their nationalism and laughing at people not hearing their dog whistles. Im not really willing to give people who use fash adjacent imagery and posturing the benefit of the doubt unless they denounce it. If theyve given a full mouthed anti fash statement since then fair play but that ‘we’re not a racist band. we’re not political at all’ one can swivel.


Fair enough, well said


Musically reminded me quite a bit of Venus in Furs.

Good track from an interesting band.