Ideas for things they should try in movies and TV

I’m watching a Hallmark Movie at the moment which depends heavily on green screen and bad acting and I was thinking…

What would it be like if you filmed a movie where every single actor films their parts independently in front of a green screen and then they put them all together in post?

It’d be a challenge, sure, but imagine all the possibilities? You could make an actor a little bigger in one scene, you could create whole new scenes in post, you could reuse some lines in different scenes…

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Think Lucasfilm have already tried this


Alien vs Stuart Little


Good point! You could start remixing films if you did this

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Actors drink coffee cups, but instead of them being empty just put some water in them to give them heft

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or hot chocolate


They put green morph suits on ordinary people who live in cool locations such as a burning building, a fighter jet, or a volcano and basically follow them around with a camera cheap and verite style. Then what they do is they superimpose the visages of popular entertainers of the day such as, for example, Clare Balding or Greg Evigan and they get them to also record appropriate dialogue

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They already made this, it’s called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey