Indie rock regulars

Not a thread for one-offs like seeing someone do ketamine for the first time and it being a Klaxon at a second-rate UK festival, but more so… do you live near any folk, notable or not, from music? Are they one of the rare few who don’t squirm at buying a coffee out every day? Is someone from the tele always picking up parcels at the post office?

I live in South Fremantle and served Kevin Parker at my depressing shitey bottle shop job I’m doing for a bit. Four bottles of red wine at 8:30 on a Monday night. I once saw him walk into my local when the footy was on and he dropped a fresh pint straight onto the floor, didn’t even seem that disappointed and just went up and spent another 12 bucks on another one. I think his band is derivative shite but to be fair to him he was really polite and gave me a “hey man, how’s your night?” and no matter how shocking his outfits always are (leggings with black ugg boots and a tie dye hoodie?), I respect that.

I see Jay from Tame and Pond a fair bit, waited for him a Guinness with him the other week.

Back in uni, used to get served by a moggy haired, very Melbourne looking chick always in old looking black jeans and Blundstones – couple of years later Courtney Barnett said she used to pull pints at the Northcote Social Club.

Lived above a café/bar for a bit and Nick Cave would come in every day for meetings. Only lasted a week and I always missed him, but his wife would just ask for some boiling water (water’s free in Australia) and bring her own expensive teabags.

The more irrelevant the better tbh, surely one of Elle Milano worked at a gallery-café in zone three for a bit. The fella from I Was a Cub Scout seems like he’d become your postie in outer Notts.

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I get the sense that you’re Australian.


I worked in a bookshop in Manchester for a few years and Johnny Marr was in all the time. I think I’ve even seen him in there when I’ve been browsing since. Always really nice and unassuming - always looking radiantly healthy.

Freemantle = top spot

A friend of mine has a friend who is a good friend of Joe from Idles. Beat that.

When I lived in Chorlton, I don’t think I ever went in a bar without seeing Damon Badly Drawn Boy Gough there. Any bar, any time, day or night, he was always there. Probably still is.

Film rather than music, but I used to live in the same apartment block as Rinko Kikuchi.

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