Interested in learning about a fresh new music sharing platform?

Hey whatsup people I am working with a music startup that is developing a new music sharing platform that will put the power back in the hands of the musicians. This platform will allow artists to promote, and keep promoting, their music from within the platform without having to do all that extra non sense, and spending all that unnecessary amount of money, in trying to get their music heard. And not only will it allow musicians to promote their own music, but incentivize them to promote other musicians works as well. Essentially removing the shadow from which many of today’s artists struggle to get themselves out of. And for the people who are just music listeners, this platform will expose you guys to a whole new sound, while also featuring great incentives for your activity within the platform. If interested in learning more, comment below.

Not another one!

fuck off.

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that’s a bit harsh but really what’s the point? If you like music so much go and make some and give it away for free instead of pretending to be championing other people for your own profit.

why am I talking to myself here?


I appreciate your comments. Well not the first one :neutral_face:But besides that I want to address what you were talking about. This is not about me. This is about giving talented musicians who don’t have the resources to get their music out there, a platform for themselves. There are too many taleneted people out there who deserve the exposure, and just aren’t getting it.

Fuck off.