Interpol playing TOTBL in full across Europe


“The word is out, we’re celebrating 15 years since the release of ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’ by playing the record in its entirety during a select run of shows across Europe and the UK late this summer. Tickets are on general sale this Friday. And for the headline shows, limited tickets will be available in an exclusive pre-sale from 9am GMT on Wednesday at We’re currently working on a new Interpol record which we look forward to sharing with you in 2018, in the meantime we hope to see some of you at the shows this Summer.”


Yes please.


Probably stupid question from someone who’s never been to one of these album-in-full shows. They do play more than just the album right? they aren’t just fobbing everyone off with 45 minute headline sets


i think the standard form is to do the album as its own set and then also do another set of stuff from the other records.


maybe even an encore as well, if you’re good


Don’t really need to hear many other Interpol songs really (except Specialist plz)


two dates in the uk, London and Manc. Bunch of twats.


Also fuck Ally Pally


Going to be that guy moaning about no Glasgow show but also going to be that guy planning a road trip to Manchester.


I really like Take You On A Cruise and that one about threesomes.

But yeah TOTBL is the greatest.


tbf I haven’t listened to Antics in about 10 years and do recall some bangers.


Our Love To Admire was fine as well but since then no thank you.

Daniel Kessler is still an actual dreamboat though.


no Irish dates, fucksaaaake


El Pintor was alright.




A truly guff name. No arguments there.


Guessing they’ll do Electric Picnic on the 2nd - not ideal, obvs.


That’s pretty much an ideal interpol set. All of the best album then cherrypick the goodstuff from the others


What else would people want after TOTBL?

Slow Hands
Not Even Jail
Pace is the Trick
Rest My Chemistry
Ancient Ways
Mind Over Time (criminally underrated)


i’ve got a soft spot for next exit and no i in threesome