Is muzobook any good?

Hi I used to use Sonic Bids and ReverbNation but they’re expensive and I haven’t gotten any gigs. Someone told me about a free site called and was wondering if anyone has used it and what their experience has been?

Wow I’ve never heard of! It sounds great though, I think that’s just what the music industry needs to kick it up the arse!

I love the fact that it’s a free to use service for the live music booking industry and that it wants to walk into any suitable venue, any day or night of the week and hear live music, those are the top two things I look for in a website.

Not even on muzobook


Yeah I love it. I’ve used it to set up several dog fights. It’s very discreet, I’ve only had one broken up. Thinking of paying the extra to open up the badger baiting forums.

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It will come as no surprise this user’s email address ends

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It’s a pretty decent site actually - I signed up a few weeks ago and have already picked up a couple of gigs so will see what else comes of it. They’re doing a competition to play at Stereofunk festival at the moment. Not sure if I’m in with much of a chance but I’ll give it a shot!

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hi muzofan!

Well, no this email is not @ muzobook and on the face of it is legit (comparing username with email).

hi CG!

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Hi Kazza, that sounds like a great opportunity! My band Laminated Lamingtons have been desperate to play a festival since we first got together, it’s pretty much the one thing we agreed as a band that would define whether we made it or not!

Do you have any links to your music? We’ve only got a couple of tracks recorded on four track so far, but we’re hoping to have our debut album out by March.

Let us know if your band gets picked!

I hope you really have started a band called that.