Is this the Tiger Crew forum?



they’re so out of the box they dont fit any category, seems about right












Have Tiger Crew actually posted here yet? Do you think they know about the new forums? What if they’re too busy worrying about Kevin to change boards?

Concerned of Christchurch

Thursday Winter Solstice Thread

I guess we’ll find out on TC TUESDAY !!



Today is TCTUESDAY but yesterday was also a very special day: One year ago on September 5th the Tiger Crew made its first appearance online by uploading the BANGER and - until now our greatest hit - KEVIN IS IN JAIL. The TC was received in many ways, we caused IRRITATION, ANGER, LAUGHTER and FEAR!! The year was very eventful, oh we laughed (Kevin is in Jail VIDEO), we cried (JASON RIP) but the most important thing is: we are STILL HERE!! This has many reasons and one of them are the people that take the time, energy and COURAGE to listen and watch our stuff. We want to thank all these people, especially the RELENTLESS core that understands TC and is with us every time we cause TROUBLE!! (s/o to the IGN, SMBC and ESPECIALLY drownedinsound communities!)

This was ONE YEAR OF TROUBLE and there will be many to come!!

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(there was an impromptu celebration last night when we realized the importance of this day and it ESCALATED. No character introduction today, sorry)


ok, it seems like the dis is getting SERIOUS!! a NEW community, that is not a rotten compromise, that is a RADICAL step forward!! The TC is happy to cause some TROUBLE here!! Tomorrow is TCTUESDAY and a long awaited member will be introduced…




Exciting times ahead for the Crew!


So glad that TC have made it over.


How do you spell tuesday? T-C-T-U-E-S-D-A-Y, that’s right!! Did you wake up today in joyful expectation of the day that gives your life ORDER and puts things in perspective?? So did we a few minutes ago this is another TCTUESDAY and today you meet DAVID a.k.a DAVE!!

When the TC is in a fight and we have David among us it is not really a fight for us. This guy is STRONG, this guy is WILD, this guy is DANGEROUS, this guy is a TIGER!! So what we sometimes do, we do not tell him that we are about to start TROUBLE so he doesn’t spoil all the fun for us!! But most of the time it doesn’t take long and David wipes our enemies out like the heavy animal he is (TIGER)…

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Wow! :heart:


David by name David by nature!!





We got a s/o!!!


@tigercrewtc What happened to TC Tueday???


This is why like doesn’t work. I don’t “like” that there was no TC Tuesday, but I do ^this my concern to @tigercrewtc that TCTuesday appears to have been missed this week.


this is a CRISIS!!


No TCTuesday again this week. Is there a problem with Kevin?