Is this too much?

Albert Heijn freshly cooked pizzas are the best value-for-money pizzas in the Netherlands. Just €4 during happy hour (16:00-19:00).

I used to live within walking distance of one, but recently moved to a place where the nearest one is 2.5km. To get there and back, I would be cycling.

I am happy to cycle that distance but have a concern that by the time I arrive, the pizza will be cold.

I am considering buying this, rocking up to the supermarket like a Thuisbezorgd medewerker, and putting my hot pizzas in my own pizza bag. When I told my fiance about this, she just shook her head in that way that says “I don’t agree this is a good idea, but I can tell that you’re going to do it anyway”.

Is this too much?
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I’ve never lived near an albert that does this

Very jealous

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There aren’t many at all around the country. The only way I found this one was to search Instagram, which is ludicrous as everyone who has visited that I have showed this has said “Man, I’d be eating these every day if I had one close to me”.

I can’t wait to buy my first one with my bag. Probably gonna wear a baseball cap too.


They’ve got those fancy pizza ovens, and custom make them in the cafe. The ones in the fridge just don’t taste the same.

you will look like a prize chump but it may be worth it for the sweet sweet pizza


Am I missing something here? Why not just eat the pizza at the cafe.


How are you putting that pizza bag on the bike

This is a good question, and one that I didn’t make clear.

By happy hour time, the cafe is closed, however the takeaway bar is still open. So it’s technically part of the cafe, but cannot be eaten on premesis.

Just eat it outside the place then cycle home


Just eat your pizza in a park nearby?


That’s also a good question, I was wondering that. It probably can’t be strapped onto the back, too risky, so I thought maybe I’d just hold my arm out wide for the whole journey. This may be harder than I think, would be useful if I could do a trial cycle first.

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A good option for the summer, but not so much for winter or rainy days.

How easy is it to keep the bag flat when you’re cycling?

Can you strap it to a rear rack to keep it level?

I’d be disappointed if the toppings had slid off the base by the time I got home.

Might be worthwhile invested in a unicycle as well


Maybe I should do more research to find a way to do this instead, feels like the best option if i’s possible.

It would complete the look.

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Wait till Summer, something to look forward to. Or ask a local pub (in advance) if they’ll let you eat your pizza in their pub, you’ll buy a pint ofc.

This is a nice idea in theory, but I like eating pizza all year round, and like this pizza a lot.

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What about the second idea in my post?