Issue Video Streaming Recorder

I’m searching for some advice and thought that someone could help me further more with following subject:
recently I recognized that Netflix offers now an offline-mode - really long I was waiting for this feature to watch movies on my many travels without internet connection.
Well, as a really big fan of any kind of series, Im looking also for a video streaming recorder, which allowes me to record and convert all episodes and seasons of my favourite series, in particular the Netflix Original Series Master of None and Marvel’s Daredevil. Just want to have the files for collecting and my private use.

Could anyone help me with this issue? Is there a legal solution or would be the same illegal like downloading?
Also would be thankfull about any recommendations for special video streaming recorder!

Just play it on Netflix on your computer while recording it with your phone. Then you can watch it on your phone later when you’re on the train.


I’m going to close this topic because of the hassles of policing it for stuff that might make DiS liable in some way. If someone wants to help you via personal notes I guess they will.

Personally I would just say you don’t get to keep Netflix stuff, it’s a subscription service.

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