Italy Recommendations

We are doing a similar trip in July/August - i think most of our time is going to be in Sicily (going for Ypsigrock Festival 2022 - 25th edition)

really looking forward to Sicily, looks great!

Yeah the weather should be great in October in the South - not guaranteed of course but you’d be very unlucky for it not to be basically as nice as the best Summer days you get in the UK. Days will be short but evenings so warm it won’t really matter. Naples is too polluted to make Summer bearable so it’s a good time of year to go there.

Going for a month in Italy in a couple of weeks, doing Venice-Florence-Pisa-Sienna-Rome-Amalfi in that order.
If anyone has any suggestions for good things to do we might not have thought of or places to eat and drink I would be tres grateful!

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I went to a beach near Amalfi and there were chickens on the beach.


A dog stole one of my socks on a beach near Sorrento and I had to chase it for ages across burning hot sand


I wasn’t particularly excited about the beaches due to living in Australia, but now I definitely am!

Don’t bother with Pisa, it’s really grim. If you really have to the see the tower then just do that and leave and spend the time you’ve saved in Bologna instead.

My favourite bit of Italy is Piedmont, which is just south of Milan and Turin so kind of out of your way but the food there is unreal. Happy to give more detailed recs if you decide to build it into your trip.


Don’t bother with public transport in Rome if you can help it, just walk everywhere as there is so much to see on every street, you’ll miss a lot if you go underground.


Glad to see some Bologna love :heart:

Can’t say about Pisa but Bologna is great.

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No idea why people are so keen to slag off Pisa - I found it nice enough. Plenty of good restaurants and drinking spots, many along the river, plus it’s a university town so there’s always stuff going on. Was pleased that it looked nice when they visited it in The Trip To Italy…

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Going to Pisa because we have a friend who lives in a village just outside it and we are leaving our bags with him to go walking before we get to Sienna, so a little tricky to not go but equally we aren’t really going to see anything there in particular except him. Appreciate the advice, will definitely try to give Bologna a look as it is within the scope of possibilities, Piedmont unfortunately may be a little far out of the planned itinerary.

Bologna you get two leaning towers as well.

We do fly out of Naples but we got poor feedback from other people we know who have been so were only intending to stay one night, is it worth revising this plan?

I love Naples but I understand why others don’t. It’s polluted, noisy, scruffy round the edges etc. In other words it’s Italy.

On the other hand the food is amazing (food in the South is way better in Italy), people are wonderful, city is fantastic to explore.


If you do decide to visit Bologna I lived there until recently so happy to share any info - although I never really had enough money to eat out in loads of places or stuff like that, but I can help with general tips on areas to stay, avoid etc.

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yeah it’s special isn’t it.

I’m a terrible tourist really - hardly ever deliberately go to see the famous landmarks or museums etc - I just like wondering the streets and Naples is just wonderful for that.


Have been to;

Lake Como - Amazing
Lake Iseo - Amazing
Bergamo - Amazing
Venice - Amazing
Milan - Lovely, bit sleepier than other places, but real pretty
Tuscany (including Florence) - Just the absolute best
Rome- Amazing
Naples - Amazing and nuts
Sicily - totally bloody amazing

Hope this has helped.


try the local cuisine ‘pizza’, it’s really good