It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

New series started yesterday. First episode is a banger.

Twelve series in and it’s still great. That’s damn good going.

Do you guys hate it yet or what?

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It’s definitely dipped a bit from its peak but it’s still one of the best things on TV. The suburbs episode last series was an all-time classic. Will catch up on the new one at some point over the weekend


Thougbt the new one was okay but a bit lazy tbh. Apparently the series has some great epiaodes coming up. I do find Its Always Sunny either brilliant or a bit flat, its a mixed bag but thats inevitable after going so long

The best episodes in the latter series have usually been the ones written by Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton & Rob McElhenney and the latest episode (although a little messy) stayed true to form in that sense; as it has some gem moments which you don’t always get with the other writers.

I’m a sucker for musicals though and the Quantum Leap stuff made me chuckle a fair bit

What’s it airing on?

Do I watch week by week, or just BINGE at the end?

I stream it weekly. The last two seasons have been made available on Netflix fairly quickly after the series ends in the US though.

Should have ended with last season’s finale, that would have been perfect if they hadn’t ducked out of it at the last minute.

Recent 3 or 4 seasons have been quite bad really but still capable of the odd gem here and there.

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Ah I thought the last 2 series have been among the best!


The last one had more hits than the few before it but that court case one was the worst thing they’ve ever done.


That’s true, that episod ewas weak as. I dont really like anything with the McPoyle’s though tbf

Aye, they always seem to callback to the weakest stuff as well, rum ham is lame as shit, Chardee McDennis was fine I guess for a one-time thing, the McPoyles are fully played out and should never have been extended into their wider family IMO.

The best episodes are the ones which just pair up the gang for opposing sides of a scheme and run with it. The dynamics between the characters are so well established at this point that they don’t need to keep trying to push the boat with plots.


Country Mac though

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Mac is the absolute best to look at when someone else is doing the heavy lifting in a scene, his reactions are always incredible.

I fucking love Dee but Charlie is consistently the best really isn’t he.


Mac also looks disarmingly like Tony Bellew, or vice versa

The bloopers are of such a hilarious standard that they improve the actual show IMO.

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not on gilmoregirlsbook

Yup, absolute tears for all the interview bloopers every time I watch them

“I sort of have a grasp on what I’m doing on a day to day basis”


Yup, exactly, I get more enjoyment from the show knowing how improvised it is, it’s the same as watching Anchorman pre-bloopers vs watching it post-bloopers.

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Nah, it’s been shit for a while.

No more than six or seven seasons of anything please people! (apart from maybe Seinfeld or Curb or Larry Sanders but whatever).

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Ant man. Uncle Jack’s hands!