Jessie Ware



This is just great. Absolutely stonking. Wasn’t that in love with her previous albums cos they were a bit slower than the dance records she used to sing on, but still think she’s the bees knees. Comes across mega down to earth in interviews too.

Huge fan of this single Julio Bashmore produced:


Not that into it tbh. Devotion still one of the albums of the decade tho


yeah it is. didnt think tough love was far behind


Devotion is a superb album, that sounds like mid 90s Mariah Carey…


you shading prime mariah?


In this instance, yes.

Was always a fan of ‘Make It Happen’ mind you.


yeah shes a tough one to defend really, her christmas album is one of my least fav music things ever created. and sadly thats one of the only things you hear of hers any more. she had moments, i like most of her non ballads from her prime years. memoirs of an imperfect angel is kind of a lost masterpiece, tricky and the-dream had a lot to do w that tho.


I like it but sounds like something they’d sing a lot on X Factor auditions.


Prefer tough love now




This song is extremely good I’ve just found out