John Murry - The Graceless Age

heard this for the first time today.

fuck. me.

no chatter about it on DiS before?

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This album is insanely good, I’m a big fan - still kicking myself for not putting this song on my drugs compilation in the mixtape exchange.

Southern Sky is another massive album highlight.

His new album is finally coming out in July too. Cannot wait.

that’s great news! not heard about him in ages

surprised this album isn’t more popular here

Yeah, me too. I’ve been keeping close tabs on him for a while hoping he’d play a show nearby. Even though he’s American and his style sounds very Deep South Americana-y, he lives somewhere in Ireland these days. I thought relative proximity may have been a few more live dates - there’s been the odd one, but usually down south unfortunately.

I’m hoping a UK-wide tour new record follows the new record. Graceless Age is so massively underrated.