Just heard a cover of Interpol's PDA in H&M

Sounds like a male and female sharing vocal duties.

any idea who this is?

I’m curious.

Day Wave and Hazel English?

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Sonny and cher

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Mel C and Bryan Adams?


fake spotify band

Peter Andre & Katie Price. It’s the long-awaited follow up to A Whole New World

Daphne and Johan from Celeste?

it can’t be that hard to narrow it down by finding out which singers also have two-hundred couches available for let



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Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

We have two hundred blouses,
that you can buy toni-ight
H and M-M
H and M-M
H and M-M


Kylie and Jason.

Just had a look at the lyrics of PDA. That first verse is a bit questionable isn’t it?

Alright back to work everyone.

Did it have the lovely outro tho?

It’s mad to think that song is nearly twenty years old :expressionless:

Also, that Interpol managed to sneak it onto three prior EPs before it appeared on TOTBL.