Just one singer

would probably count Hotel Blöedel as well

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Simon and Garfunkel


(first 2 that came to my head were the national and the hold steady)

Candida sings on There’s No Emotion

Edit. Just backing vocal tho

Fucking forgot about ‘Freaks’ didn’t I :joy:

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Russel sang Anorexic Beauty

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Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
Marilyn Manson too maybe

Half Man Half Biscuit

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Black Sabbath? They’ve had about six singers haven’t they?


The Stones? Has Mick let anyone else take the mic?

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Definitely The Cure

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Merry Clayton.

Keith has sung a few - like Happy on Exile on Mainstreet.

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Happy Valley

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Losing My Touch, that terrible song on 40 Licks. Does MC on Gimme Shelter count as a duet?

In Another Land sure did

Google suggests a song called Just Say Yes is a duet, I have no idea

Not sure that song exists