Kali Uchis - Isolation


S’good right?

Even Damon Albarn can’t ruin this


Love that tune with Steve Lacy. Really good album.


Aye it proper bangs.


Just had my first listen through and it’s gorgeous


Didn’t realise the album was out yet! Have had After The Storm stuck in my head for the past couple of weeks though - such an effortlessly cool track and that verse from Tyler is :fire: :fire: :fire:


I love her voice so much.


A really good album, loving it.


just gonna listen to ‘In My Dreams’ over and over again

here I was thinking that Tube song was gonna go unbeaten in 2018


@shrewbie are you up on this


This is good


I like this. Seem to be enjoying lots of pop music lately!


not heard of her! will invetigate


Upgrading this opinion to “This is very good”


Listened to this a couple of times in the hope that it had some great pop but it’s just really bland :confused: I’m very disappointed in all of you (but especially her).

Think only the Dollars song was in any way memorable (but still not particularly good). Even the one with Damon Albarn kinda just goes nowhere and doesn’t have a chorus


I’m digging


We listening to the same song jeffson?!


it not only has a chorus, it has the best chorus

I like you @AdamJeffson, but this is str8 chump talk m63, come on. don’t be this way.


It is the In My Dreams one, right?


Idk, man. I love a lot of modern pop but I think this one ends up on the wrong side of the line that divides those pop songs that are simple yet bursting with great ideas and those that simply don’t have enough ideas to keep it interesting/entertaining.

@incandenza I’ll stand by the chump talk - it’s a really dull chorus! The lyrics are offensively mundane, which is sometimes permissible if it’s sung in the right way or has something interesting going on behind it, but the vocal melody and the instrumentation behind it don’t go anywhere. Imagine loving a pop song with no hooks or no chorus! :wink:

(Love you both really)


Fair do’s my man, agree to disagree I guess. I think her lyrics are their most simple on that particular track but it fits with the theme of the song quite well, childish-y dreamland to escape the fact her ma’s on coke.

Think some of her rhymes are pretty good though, Feel Like a Fool for an e.g.

My heart went through a shredder
The day I learned about your baby mothers
'Cause you’re a grown ass man
Now you should know better
But I still run all my errands in your sweater

Quite a lot of the record reminds me of SZA’s Ctrl in it’s lyrical themes.